Villa – West Ham; Are we back in the groove?

Well, they keep coming thick and fast and today it’s Wet Spam at home. Both teams are going well, with our opponents in 5th position in the league. A win tonight would see us overtake them on goal difference and we’d still have two games in hand. Obviously that would be nice.

West Ham lost at home to Liverpool on Sunday and didn’t create much, but they’d won their four previous games, including a notable win at Everton.
We’ve been a lot more erratic in winning just two of our previous five games, albeit two of those were away to the Manc clubs who we always struggle against.

So the Hammers have the better form, while we’re at home. I’m not sure that’s a good thing for us, but I think us getting the better results away is probably coincidence more than anything.

Squads then and we’re in very good nick, considering it’s the middle of winter and a lot of the first team have played the vast majority of the games up to now.
Hause is still out, as is Wesley. The aim is for the latter to be back this season, but I’m not convinced that will happen. I know his was a serious injury, but Heaton suffered the same in the same game and was fully fit a while back. Something doesn’t ring right to me, but it’s pretty academic at the moment, because if Smith stays with one up front, Wesley has as much chance of starting as I have. It would be nice to have him on the bench or as a viable option just in case Olly gets injured, which he probably will at some point.

As for West Ham, they’re in good shape too. The only news is that Jesse Lingard who signed on loan from Man Utd will be available.

Prediction time then and my default position tends to be a draw because it’s nice and safe and not at all controversial.
But having looked at the table, we’ve only drawn two games this season, hence I think I’m going to have to choose.
I’m still tempted to say a draw, because it keeps nagging me that if we play like we did against Southampton I think we’ll definitely lose.
But we’re always capable of goals and if we fire on all cylinders, I think we can win comfortably.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say we’ll win, 2-1.

Here’s hoping and UTV!


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    Bum Bum February 5, 2021 at 8:30 am .

    Come on Ladies! We’re allowed an off night. Everyone can be remarkably shite every now and then. Problem with Jack being marked out of the game, is that McGinn, Barkley and several others, including the fantastic Martinez had off days too.
    Whatever the reason, it was a gutting result, but keep with the big picture.
    I think we’ll stuff the Arse the weekend.
    P. S. Nath, keep on with the ranting! We’d have 50% less to read on this site if it wasn’t for your enthusiasm!!!

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