Villa v Norwich Preview

Tonight’s game sees the start of a crucial month for us. With games coming thick and fast this is a chance for us to gain ground quickly on the teams above us. Where we are in the new year will determine what type of player Bruce will buy.

With Kodja and co going AWOL in the new year it’s crucial we max out on as many points as possible starting with tonight’s game.

Norwich have only won once in the last 9 games where we have only lost once in that time but as we know any team in the past that has an unwanted record usually ends it against us. But not tonight! This is a different more resilient Villa with a streetwise manager. Our away form this season has been woeful but I feel now we have consolidated our home form we are now ready for the next step of learning to win away on a more regular basis.
My prediction for tonight is 3.1 to us. UTV.


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  1. OriginalLondonLion December 13, 2016 at 10:33 pm .

    Ever wondered what people who think like football managers did before the game was invented?
    The Aston Haulage Co has just appointed a new manager. The owner is confident the new man can run the business, but he tells him there will be a new problem come January. Every morning the 11 carts leave the yard, and there leaning against the wall at the back are 4 square cartwheels. And 4 painted signs reading MEALS WHEELS SQUARE ON. So the manager tries an experiment and fits the 4 square wheels to one cart – it is a disaster. He tries two square wheels at the front with round wheels at the back – no good, he reverse that formation – no better. Finally he fits one square wheel to four carts. The customers are apoplectic and the manager is summoned to see the owner.

    “Are you trying to ruin my business?”
    “No I thought I would try out the square wheels in preparation for your new venture in January – I saw the sign boards.”


  2. GIDDYVILLAN December 14, 2016 at 7:07 am .

    ‘ basically we haven’t turned up’ not a truer word spoke brucey I hope there’s no repeat.we were utterly shite

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