Villa – Reading; Can we get the momentum back?

Suffice to say I didn’t get to see/hear a kick of the Hull game.
I won’t say what I was doing at the time as I’m sure I’d only bore you, but by the sound of things I didn’t miss much, with pretty much none of the team firing.
What concerns me from what I have heard is that Bruce threw another attacker on, while not sorting out the supply line to provide the ammunition.
I’ve always thought games are won in midfield and if we don’t dominate there, we need to be lucky.
And moving Grealish deeper was exactly the same mistake I was complaining about just a short while back.
Why does Bruce do that?
Yes, Grealish’s game has much improved because he now tracks back better, but it’s not where he’s best at, is it?
We need to get him in amongst it, in that floating number 10 position, for him to do his best, in my opinion.

Squad news and Reading seem to have a load of injuries, which I don’t really have time to go into.
On our side, Whelan should be available, but I don’t think I’d start him.
Neil Taylor should also be fit and he might play.

I don’t know how Bruce will go here; he could start numerous different players, but I doubt he’ll change too much.
Maybe Hourihane will come back in for a bit of added energy?
Who knows how Bruce thinks?

In short, this should be another reasonably easy win on paper.
But just as I predicted a draw against Hull, so I think this is looking very drawish too.
I hope I’m wrong, as a win should pretty much guarantee us a play-off place, I’d have thought.
The last thing we want is to just about qualify for the play-offs.

I’ll go 1-1 and certainly don’t expect to lose.
But then, I’m sure most of us got our Bolton and QPR predictions wrong.


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  1. nath
    nath April 3, 2018 at 9:41 pm .

    what do i win for predicting the scoreline. a crate of beer ??

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