Villa PR Always Good For A Laugh!

Well after another horrific season I have managed to find a little gem that will give us all a good laugh. Yes you guessed it Villa’s PR department.

After recently stating how well season tickets are selling they are now so desperate that they have resulted to flogging them in the Holte pub,,10265~3812358,00.html. Not only that they are happy to patronise supporters by explaining all the financial deals that we can have to get a ticket. Its a bit like a local loan shark flogging tickets in a pub somewhere so they can make a fortune on their finance deal, whilst the riff raff lap it up.

The title should be ‘drop in prices’ or ‘we will pay you to come and watch us next season’. Either way the fact they are trying to flog season tickets in a pub proves how desperate the club are. As the fans won’t come to the mountain the mountain must come to the fans, so too speak.

The audacity of the club trying to flog tickets before Lerner makes his announcement next week is a chilling reminder of the disregard they have for us. Any fan with half a brain will wait till next week…wont they?


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    Paul May 9, 2014 at 10:03 am .

    Please let it all be true

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