Villa 4-1 West Ham; A different game

Some of you might be old enough and perhaps a bit zany, like me, in having been Python and particularly Eric Idle and Rutles fans.
In which case I’m going to quote George Harrison and say “I’m shocked and stunned. Stunned, very stunned.”

This is how good I thought we were.
It was all quite strange, really.
The first 20 minutes bored me witless and it was like both sides were checking each other out and I was moaning like mad that it was all too slow and lazy.
But then I began to see another side to our game.

On the face of it, all we do is pass backwards.
But then I began to realise that West Ham had absolutely no answer to the way we were playing.
Teams are geared to the opposition going forward and attacking. But we didn’t do that.

I expected Moyes to counter our game somehow at half time, but he didn’t, which I find intriguing, because he’s no mug.
I’m not convinced it’s a system that will win all the time, but we actually outdid Spam’s midfield in any metric you like put out there, regardless of anything that the likes of Sky might say.

I haven’t seen anyone else say this yet, but I will;
I was in a bar full of Spammers.
I told them they’d just been taught a footballing lesson by a really good manager, who’s managing a very good side, that’s only going to improve.

And not one of them disagreed.

Make no mistake about this.
West Ham were spanked today.

Maybe we’re not as bad as I think we are, after all.

Anyone else harping back to the Sir Ron days?

Right or Wrong? What do YOU think?