Villa 3 – 1 Fulham; Outstanding

I’m blown away by how good that was to watch.
I wouldn’t say we were 100% better than Fulham, as the cottagers did have a couple of spells where they dominated, but we were a good 75-80% better than them.
That’s 13 on the trot at home, I think, which equals a record and 6 wins on the trot, which is a record going back absolute donkey’s years.
Unfortunately, it’s Citeh at home next game, but who knows?

Man of the match?
Well for me it has to be John McGinn, who worked his guts out and got a goal from a great strike.
But I also thought Tielemans was a very close contender. I said before the game that I felt he just needed to get in the groove and boy, did he. He was outstanding and fed the pass for the first goal.
But McGinn edges it for me. It was a brilliant captain’s game and he won the vast majority of his battles.

In fact, the game didn’t really pan out how I expected it to at all.
It was the midfield that won this for us. As physical as Fulham are, we just bossed them and it was great to see, as we can often be out-fought in the middle.

I still feel we’re particularly susceptible to any good pacey counter attacking side and the Spurs game is making me drool at the mouth, because I feel that’s going to be a tactical masterpiece one way or the other, given both sides play a high line, but that’s for later.

There was plenty of passing back to Martinez, but it didn’t bother me today, because we mostly maintained a good pace.
It’s interesting, because it seems to me that as much as I realise the opposition will always have their good periods, so it always seems to be that if we drop the pace, it just lets the other team in and strongly dominate.
I can understand if it’s the very best teams just taking a rest, but we can look like we’re likely to concede.
Still, Fulham only scored once and I’ll take that.
A superb, well deserved win and we continue to keep the pressure on the other clubs.


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