Villa 2 – 2 Hull; Good and bad, but not good enough

Isn’t it strange how views can suddenly change during a game?

I was absolutely fuming at half time because of how we cannot stop giving the ball away far too cheaply.
Hourihane seemed the main example, but he was far from alone.
I get that if you’re trying to play a fast-paced, one touch type of game, you’re going to make mistakes.
But it’s not that, that bothers me.
Sometimes it’s just basic simple passing, in balls being totally mis-directed or more often way underhit.
It’s incredibly annoying.

But, looking on the bright side, you can’t knock the fact that we pulled two goals back to equalise, can you?
Of course, we should never have gone two down in the first place and I question Kalinic for at least one of them.
But just when we were looking well and truly beaten, so we managed to turn it around.

The second half was much better and while I still wasn’t convinced by our performance, we did show more energy and drive. So much so that I thought we were the better side.

What I think doesn’t matter though.
What does, is the fact that we’ve drawn at home. Again.
And that is simply not good enough.
We need wins if our rapidly fading hopes of the play-offs are to stay alive and we didn’t get one.

It was interesting that Smith seemed to listen to some of the fan’s criticism.
No Bree, no Hause and we played two attackers, although I’m not sure it was an out-and-out 4-4-2?

Ultimately, Hull will be happy with their point.
And after many of us thought we would probably lose this game, maybe we ought to be happy with ours too.
I just look at things historically and think we really ought to be beating Hull at home.
If I heard correctly, they haven’t beaten us at Villa Park since 1967.
Maybe that explains my massive disappointment?


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    Bill Pearson January 26, 2019 at 8:28 am .

    Hitch, that much I agree with we want younge player’s, but how do we know how good was he, he was the one that got up and went, that’s what I’m on about, not one player wants Villa Park, we’ve gone through managers like running water, Oh tell a lie McGinn ,and he wanted to move down south, Hitch, something not in Villa Park to draw good want to play footballers why. Has Badger saying small clubs doing better than us don’t make sense to me yet.
    Some player are moaning about injuries in training now. I just dispare to why a club like Villa don’t draw players.

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