Villa 2-1 Ipswich; further thoughts.

It’s still early in the UK, I know, but I expected to be quite quickly picked up in some way about when I posted how demoralised I am about the Villa.
Actually, I’m hoping someone does pull me and remind me of where we might be.
Or do we all think similarly, in that we really are utter rubbish, but just don’t want to admit it?

Whatever, I’ve thought about very little else since I abandoned watching the total load of tripe we were yesterday, since.
For me, that’s been a good sleep and a holiday drinking session.
The best part of a full day.

And I’m still worried about where we’re heading as a club.

On the one hand, we’re constantly told how rich Wes Edens or Safaris are, by the Birmingham Mail. We’re also constantly being told that we have funds available, by the same source.
And Dean Smith intimates that wheels are in motion, or similar, which suggests we do indeed have funds available.

Yet, up to now, we’ve signed a goalkeeper and a left-sided player who made the worst debut that I can remember in my 40 years plus of supporting the club (let’s not make excuses here, it really was that bad).
And I remember Djemba-Djemba.
That’s saying something, I’m sure.

Then there’s the fact that we now have 4 days (5 if you include today) to get some top players in.
And apparently our DOF is in Europe on a scouting mission.
This late on in the window?
Shouldn’t he have done that months ago when he first came in?
Or, even better, have been doing it for years, before he came here?
You have to be kidding me if you swallow this garbage.

And then the reality hits.
We’re being massively strangled by FFP.
I suggested we would do very little business a while back, yet still Smith seems to be dangling us on a string.

I have the vaguest feeling that we might actually sign yet another “top” player, who will turn out to be a failure, simply because it’s what’s expected of us as a club.

Thinking further, no it probably won’t happen, if Smith has anything to do with it.
But if we’re not going to sign anyone of any significance, I’d rather the club just come out and say it.

Which begs the question “why haven’t we seen the kids?”
Which is a policy I firmly disagree with, to be fair, as to me, they are not good enough; something that has been a consistent view, regardless of which manager you care to think of.
Are they really all wrong?

Which, all in all leaves my thinking totally directionless.

For all the hype that we’ve been given, that’s how the club strikes me. Directionless.
None of us have the slightest clue and I don’t think our “leaders” do, either.

It saddens me to say it, but Smith is doomed to failure.
He has been since before he took us on.
Unless he can do something that many decent managers have failed to do, in totally turn us around.
Steve Bruce commented recently that he considered packing it all in, because he couldn’t see what he’d done wrong.
I had a lot of sympathy for this, purely because that’s what managing the Villa does to you.
Lambert was much liked by us before he came to the club, for example, but he’s now hated for the way we played under him.

And all of this, is why I’m worried.
We don’t know how we stand.
Are we a big club going back to it’s righful place in the Prem, or not?
Certainly our team says “no”, but we as fans say “yes”.

And that’s our biggest problem in my opinion.
We’re awful, but struggle to admit it.


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    Hitchens60 February 1, 2019 at 11:20 am .

    Just been reading up on Carroll. No wonder Swansea let him out on loan – he’s been out injured and hasn’t played since October (hip and groin) – now supposed to be fit.

    So Villa have signed three players on loan – non of whom are match fit. I suppose the only consolation is that we have an option to buy on each loan

    I’ve just revised downwards my views of our window!

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