Villa 2-0 Rotherham; The absolute least we could expect.

It’s only a short one, as frankly I have better things to do than try to explain what I saw tonight.
Suffice to say, that while I suppose I should be thankful for a Villa win, it’s really not saying much.

If this is seen as a good performance today, well I can only see it as fake news.

The last I’d seen, we had 61% possession, with 10 shots off and 2 shots on target.
Which isn’t brilliant in itself against what I thought was a very poor Rotherham side.
It probably ended higher than that, not that it’s that important, as I was looking more at how we played.

And I remain totally convinced that how we set up is totally wrong.
It was all long balls, very many Cowans-like, across the pitch.
Some worked, some didn’t.

But when it’s backed up by next to no movement in the middle, it’s totally wasted.
I totally fail to see how by-passing the middle of the pitch will get you anywhere these days and keeping it constantly played wide offers very little threat, yet this seems to be Bruce’s only tactic.

Grealish is also totally wasted on the left, especially when he has to defend in our third.

It’s no surprise that Abraham and Bolasie scored, as they’re the only ones being allowed to get in there, it seems to me.
It’s almost like Bruce doesn’t trust the others.

But what sums it all up is that it’s boring to watch.

Make no mistake, lowly Rotherham caught us out at least three times and a better attack would have got goals.

Perhaps I’m being harsh in my assessment, but basically I think I’ve totally lost patience with Bruce now.

I just don’t see him being the future.


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  1. Bill Pearson
    Bill Pearson September 21, 2018 at 7:21 pm .

    Your not on Now tv then.? SKY you can ,if I’m missing something let me know.

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