Villa 0 – Swansea 3: A shambles. What the hell has happened to us?

It’s well and truly “wheels have fallen off” now, isn’t it?

I listened to the first half on WM while driving home and then the second half on AVTV.
AVTV weren’t so critical, as you’d expect, but WM were pretty scathing and basically said we were awful.
The Mail and various other online articles back this up.

Suffice to say, it wasn’t good.

We made six changes and I doubt anyone would really have argued much against them before the game.
Yes, some players were played out of position, but I think this was more about Dean Smith getting a look at who could step up.
And it proved disappointing all round, from what I heard. Indeed, the only player who carried himself well was John McGinn, who sounded like the only player that cared.

The most disappointing part for me (apart from Kalinic seemingly dropping a clanger so early) was Callum O’Hare.
I’ve wanted to see him get a chance, but WM didn’t pull any punches in hinting that he was a boy playing a man’s game, with the way he was muscled off the ball so easily.
The boos from the fans when he was substituted suggest he should have stayed on, but I suspect the reality is that he was probably having a shocker. Certainly, from what I was hearing, either he didn’t have a clue what the manager expected of him or Smith simply wasn’t getting his message across properly.
Either way, I’d suggest it was the better solution to hook him rather than let him have a whole game being ineffective.

Also disappointing is the fact that absolutely no one stepped up.
Hogan missed chances and Lansbury tried, but it was all huff and puff with absolutely no quality to be found in the side.

After a great start under Dean Smith, we’ve moved onto a very, very poor run of results and any hopes of promotion seem to be going out of the window rapidly.
If Abraham does actually go, you have to wonder where the goals will come from, as I hinted recently.

I suspect this will be a massive eye-opener for the manager and given that I really don’t think he’ll have much money to spend in this window, I also suspect he’ll be very worried.

Interesting, albeit concerning times.
It seems the squad needs quite a bit of a overhaul, but Smith won’t be able to do much.

We all knew that the “feelgood” factor was too good to last, didn’t we?


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    Bill Pearson January 8, 2019 at 2:24 pm .

    Hitch found this bit of news,

    Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham has turned down a loan move to Premier League side Wolves to stay at Championship club Aston Villa.

    It is understood Wolves remain interested in the England forward and may yet try to resurrect the deal.

    In addition, Chelsea have the power to recall the player or could accept a bid from another club in January.

    However, as the situation stands, the 21-year-old will remain at Villa for rest of the season.

    Wolves are still waiting to hear from Fifa whether Abraham would be allowed to play for them given his previous appearances for Chelsea in under-23 competition and the Community Shield earlier this season.

    It is understood the uncertainty is playing a part in Abraham’s thinking as, if the deal went through now and Fifa ruled against, he would be unable to play until next season.

    There has been no clarity given by Fifa when they are likely to rule on the matter.

    Wolves feel the situation might change if the player is cleared to play for them.

    Abraham has scored 16 goals for Villa this season but was left out of Dean Smith’s squad for Saturday’s FA Cup defeat by Championship rivals Swansea.

    Smith said prior to that game that Abraham, who has two England caps, would be better served by completing the season at Villa Park.

    “Unless they’re a team in the top six, there’s not many Premier League sides creating loads of chances,” he told BBC WM.

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      Hitchens60 January 8, 2019 at 4:18 pm .

      That is the BBC report I think Bill. No other reports that I’ve read suggest the deal could ‘still be resurrected’.

      Guardian say that Abraham would only consider a permanent move in this window as doesn’t want to just go out on a new loan. Sky reports that he has told Villa he’s staying to the end of the season and Chelsea have already stated they won’t sell him in January so it looks like the BBC are just trying to put a different spin on the story.

      I agree that he was probably given yesterday to make a decision as there have been no negative rumblings from Villa about him ‘missing’ training.

      Let’s hope there are no further twists before 31/1

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