Villa 0 – 0 Millwall; Oh dear!

I attempted my usual drive up the A38 to work at six o’clock this morning and only made it as far as the Horse and Jockey in Sutton, before I decided that I was being stupid and headed back home.
The roads didn’t look like they’d been gritted at all and the thought of going down the hill at Weeford frankly scared me.
Hence I really would advise against driving today, as the roads are lethal.

Anyway, it means I’ve got a chance to post my thoughts on yesterday’s game and frankly they can be summed up as “disappointed”.
We really ought to be beating a side that is barely in the third quarter of the league; especially at home and we just can’t afford to be dropping points like this if we’re to challenge for the play-offs.

As is often the case of late, I didn’t see or hear anything of the game as I was stuck at work, but by all accounts we were very poor. The stats would seem to back this up, with us only having one shot on target against Millwall’s eight.
Now, we can all have off days, but that frankly isn’t good enough is it? And that’s not bias of any kind, it’s just pure fact.

It says a lot that Johnstone was head and shoulders our best player and not a single other player came out with much credit and I really don’t know what else there is to say.

I suppose you can look on the positive side and say that at least we didn’t lose, but I’m not finding much comfort in that, especially after we’ve dropped a place to Derby. Continuing the positive vein, at least they’re only one point ahead of us now that they’ve used up their game in hand.

But what makes yesterday so disappointing is that on paper, it was the easiest fixture we’re going to have for the rest of December, with Derby (A), Sheff U (H), Brentford (A) and Boro (A) coming up.
I really don’t see many points there, do you?
The lads are really going to have to dig deep.
Which is pretty apt, as it happens, because I’m looking out the window and seeing 4 inches of snow, with the forecasters saying we have another seven hours worth to go.

If you really do have to drive today, be careful out there.


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  1. Andrew
    Andrew December 14, 2017 at 4:05 pm .

    Not sure what to make of it. I do wonder how many strikers we’ll try signing. Guess it would depend on if we can get rid of Hogan and how long Kodjia will be out for. If Hogan goes and Kodjia’s out for a while, possibly two loan strikers could come in.

    In even better news though. Green has tweeted he’s ready and focused, so he may very well be back in training. That would be excellent for us come January if he comes back.

  2. nath
    nath December 14, 2017 at 7:06 pm .

    selling hogan, that will be a big mistake. we have simply failed to provide him with any type of service. let alone a service he would thrive on. playing to his strengths wouldn’t take to much changes.the guy has had bad luck with injury and needs to be given a chance and i mean a chance in his position not shoved on the wing or made to run around closing down defenders,he never gets anything to attack in the box. i think he’ a better striker than kodjia he is defiantly more a team player. kodjia can score his own goals. but kodjia isn’t the fox in the box that hogan will be.

    p/s i remember a player like kodjia in my days, having head down never looking at who is in the better position. this is all well as long as they score. but it ends up frustrating the team and i recall we hated the guy.

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