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    Guest August 3, 2020 at 12:03 pm . Reply

    I may be alone in thinking this, but i think if we were to get around 70 – 80 million for Grealish then it would be a deal that would suit both parties.

    I think for Grealish or Villa to flourish he needs better players around him, as it stands, he slows the play down way too much, and that is because all of the play goes through him, i can’t help but feel this gives the opposing defence way too much time to compose themselves, which leaves a lone striker marked out of the game way too easily.

    McGinn and Mings are going nowhere, simply because i can’t see any bigger club than us wanting them. I like McGinn, i really do, but i can’t see him walking into the first team of the top 8, the only clubs i could see going in for him would be the likes of Newcastle who i doubt he would leave us for.

    Mings makes far too many mistakes, he would need a solid season minus the constant errors before i would take any transfer talk seriously.

    To be honest i can see none of them leaving this summer, but if any were to go it would be Grealish. If we were able to re-invest those funds and get Behnrama/Sarr and Wilson or another decent striker, i’d be happy with that.

    We should be in for Fraser on a free too, absolute no brainer.

    I personally would love to see Godfrey and Buendia from Norwich too.

    As for Howe, i think this will be another case of missing the decent manager boat, I think Smith deserves the chance to continue as manager for now as the turnaround towards the end of the season shows promise, however, i feel he will be sacked by xmas by which time i think Howe will be in another job.

    One thing is for sure, we have to be smart in this window, we cannot afford another season like this year.

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