That’s it then; Bruce sacked

I’ve been expecting this all day and have been keeping a close eye on the news, but typically it seems the announcement was made while I was listening to my music library in the car on the way home.
So I’ve literally only just heard it myself.

There’s just no doubt that it had to happen.
The football had been rubbish all season, the away fans turned, the manager turned on the fans and then the home crowd strongly vented their feelings. It was all following a pattern we’ve seen before.

I know a few of you won’t agree, but now we’ve actually done the deed, I’m a bit sorry he’s gone really.
Let’s not forget that he re-united the club with the fans, even if only for a while. And he stayed with us this summer when it probably would have been easier to walk, just as it seemed we were in our worst situation in 50 years.

I also worry that any new manager that comes in also won’t be able to get a tune out of our players.
But I guess that’s just the perfectly normal feeling of not liking the unknown.

But I think that mostly I’m quite happy that it’s happened now.
I predicted he’d get 10 games and I was pretty close, as it’s actually 11.
Whatever, it’s early enough for us to be able to turn things round.

And let’s face it, whoever comes in can barely do a worse job. It would seem that there’s plenty of room for improvement with the squad (particularly the top 13 or 14 or whatever).

The latest news is that Kevin McDonald will lead the team against Millwall and it’ll be interesting to see what happens there, although I don’t expect much to change.
From memory, he pretty much continued what had previously been happening in his previous stints as caretaker.

So hopefully it’s onwards and upwards then.
Although I massively worry that the new manager will struggle, purely because of the unbalanced squad.
Which is where I think we are going to have to show a little patience, at least until we’ve seen what happens in the winter window. Which brings FFP into the fray again.

Thanks for the positives Steve.
But here’s looking forward to some watchable football.


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    nath October 3, 2018 at 8:58 pm .

    whoever ends up being manager they will be off their heads. anybody who wants the poison chalice must be totally nuts. manager having to deal with millionaire players with attitudes. professional sport pundits all putting pressure on them, slagging them off just to stay important to the broadcaster. fans all getting on his back if results dry up and ambitions not matched.

    below was brian clough one of many quotes i recall and believe in.

    “Players lose you games, not tactics. There’s so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes” England’s exit from Euro 2000, explained the Cloughie way.

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      Big Fat Ron October 3, 2018 at 11:10 pm .

      I agree about the poisoned chalice point. Our fans are arguably the most demanding and volatile in the country. The word ‘toxic’ is used far too often to describe the atmosphere at VP. I remember Brian Little losing the opening 4 games of the season in 1997, including a 4-0 drubbing in the opening home game to Blackburn, in despite that, the fans in the 5th game against Leeds at VP were magnificent. I remember constant banging on the back of the Holte and “Claret Blue Army” being chanted on loop until Yorkie slammed home the winner. Times have changed. There is zero patience or tolerance.

      Having said that, Cloughie was wrong about tactics, or at least he would be now. That’s exactly the attitude that turns managers into dinosaurs. All the young managers coming from the continent seem to be far more tactically astute, and it does make a difference. The fact is the players were playing for Bruce. All the stoppage time goals prove that without a doubt. It was Bruce’s ineptitude with team selection and lack of innovation with tactics which handicapped the players and resulted in so many dropped points.

      Someone brave with “unfinished business”, a natural leader and winner who commands respect is needed. Any ideas? 😉

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    nath October 3, 2018 at 9:25 pm .

    why don’t you put up a manager wish list and votes in your next post badger will be interesting to see which managers your posters would like to see fill the post

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    Big Fat Ron October 3, 2018 at 10:50 pm .

    This is the first real test for our new owners. We’re about to find out if they’re up to the job or in the Lerner / Krulak / Faulkner league. If they go for fat Sam, then it’s ‘curtains’ because there’ll be so much veg being thrown at the dugout, Buggs Bunny will be likely to stick his head out of the VP pitch for a snack…

    Seriously, I would hope that they have someone lined up and have done their homework.

    For me, Terry could be a master stroke. Who knows how much influence he had last year? We’d also get an extra (decent) CB as a bonus…

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