Should We Sell Ron Vlaar?

Ok we all no my thoughts on Vlaar so I am not going to bore you with my normal negative comments on him.
But let’s face it the ‘boy’ done good in the World Cup and his stock has risen big time. Forgetting the penalty miss last night (as Ferdinand says ‘that’s not what he’s there for’) he had a faultless display against a team that has the best player in the world even though he’s not quite the player he was in recent years. Having said that I don’t care what he does for Holland it’s what he does for us that matters.

My problem with Vlaar is that he is error prone which I know applies to all footballers, but he is more error prone than most and can makes lots of unforced errors during a game. Even though iv been his biggest critic I did say that up to the Chelsea home game he hardly put a foot wrong for us. For so e reason after that he went back to his comedy defending of his first season. We all know LVG plays him in a back 3 which means he can commit to winning the ball knowing he has cover behind him. Unfortunately we have a clueless manager that does not play to his strengths and doesn’t know how too. Also he is surrounded by poor quality defenders and poor midfielders which does not help.

My other gripe is he us injury prone and can miss up to 3 months of a season at a crucial time for us.
So on this basis should we take the reported £15m on offer from UTD or should we cash in now while the going is good for a player who has 12 months of his contract left.
Stick or twist what are your thoughts?


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    steve July 10, 2014 at 4:49 pm .

    I don’t think we will have a choice. A team better than us (nearly all the prem) will come in for and he will be off. End of.
    Lambert has certainly changed tack from young and hungry to down and out.
    Utter CRAP.

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    Andrew July 10, 2014 at 5:19 pm .

    Andy Marshall’s our new goal keeping coach while Gennoe takes time off for health reasons.

    As for the article… No. While I’ve read Lambert is getting money from Lerner plus all money from sales. I don’t trust him to sign at least 1 more CB to replace him. We’d try for someone who is actually overrated and terrible like Caulker for a large fee or some garbage like that,

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    Bencey83 July 12, 2014 at 11:01 am .

    Yeh, let’s sell all our best players – Vlaar, Benteke and Delph – and bring back Dunne, Carlton Cole and Reo Coker.

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    there'sonlyJuanPabloAngel July 14, 2014 at 11:58 am .

    i do struggle with the villa if im honest. most of the recent signings (not including the recent freebies) have been very suspect and questions regarding our scouting have to be asked. now members of the lambert revolution seem to be moving on to pastures new, helenius, sylla, luna etc showing that they were maybe not so great after all.

    i have come to realise that frankly we have pretty much no transfer clout and even if we did have 5x the budget who are we really likely to get of any real class that isnt just coming for the money? i can’t see lambert having a 5 year plan at the villa that top players can or would buy into and want to commit to ahead of any top prem teams.

    with all that in mind i must admit its nice to see lambert atleast retrospectively realising he needs some experience (whilst the players may not have been everyones first choices) and getting what he can to do a job and atleast have some ideas about closing out games etc.

    with recent rumours of cambiasso running around and rumours of lerners jet in milan even at 34/35 he can add some proper leadership and true experience…… just a shame to see us having to compete for players with west ham!

    as far as Vlaar goes, keep him! he’s shown that he can defend well with others giving him the cover, rather like southgate and ehiogu, you take southgate out and ehiogu struggled, vlaar needs others of stability around him so he can concentrate on his own game and not babysit baker and clark! at least senderos and okore can defend so a back 3 could work

    difference between LVG and lambert is that LVG has the class to realise this and plays players on positions that allow them and others to thrive

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