Should we finish the season?

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So we have the French Prime Minister banning football (well, sport in general) until September. Then we have the FIFA medical chief arguing strongly that football should now look to next season to start afresh. Add the fact that both Belgium and Holland have abandoned this season’s leagues and there is a mounting argument for abandoning the 19/20 season.
Then add to that the new spike in Covid infections in Germany which may well lead to a suppression of the Bundesliga’s proposed restart in mid May -all eyes on Merkel’s statement tomorrow – and I think it’s becoming increasingly doubtful that this seasons leagues will be completed.

Of course there are many issues to be considered – this seasons European competition and qualification for next season. Promotion and relegation, complicated by clubs who have or, who will, file for administration. But not least of all MONEY – and in particular the TV contracts.
But football does not have – and nor should it have – some divine right to set itself above the normal vagaries of financial influence. Sky (and the other TV contract holders) will have to work out an acceptable compromise as without the football clubs there is no TV money!

For what it’s worth, my view is we should (the football authorities should) accept that it’s not (equitably) possible to complete the 19/20 season and start working towards a solution dealing with promotion / relegation now and over the next couple of seasons. I think this makes for an interesting discussion on AV News and Views based on the premise that the season cannot be completed.

Finally I cite, in support of my argument, that cricket in England has already agreed that July is the earliest possible start date but it’s already being suggested that there may be no cricket in 2020. In such circumstances how can football argue that it’s possible to complete the 19/20 season by starting training in May and football (albeit behind closed doors) in June – arrogance?


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    Hitchens60 May 16, 2020 at 9:19 am .

    As you’ve extended the thread Badger; thought I should at least write something 🙂

    EFL L2 decided to cancel season with no points weighting (so as is?) and no relegation subject to approval. Bury have been kicked out so the top side in the National League could be promoted. It seems promotion and play offs are still proposed but what decision will L1 make.

    Complete farce.

    The simplest solution is to write off the 2019/20 season completely In all leagues and start planning for football behind closed doors next season.

    All games in EPL could be televised and the TV companies would make mega bucks without any money needing to be paid back for this season.

    Oh and the lawyers of course – they are set for a big pay day whatever happens!

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    Originallondonlion May 16, 2020 at 2:28 pm .

    Restart in the middle of Summer? Perfect!
    I have said for some years Villa are a fair-weather team. They slump in the coldest and wettest winter conditions but are at their best when the weather is hot enough for drinks breaks. If the season continues we will stay up.

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