Should We Appoint Moyes?

With the imminent departure of Sherwood a lot of steam is gathering in the media that Moyes may be our next manager. 

I know I have slated Sherwood and rightly so he has been awful so far. Having said that I have been thinking of the alternative and too be brutally honest if our only option is Moyes I think I would rather see it out with Sherwood. 

Why? Very simple I think Moyes is at best a tiny step up on Lambert and at worse the same as Sherwood. He was a safe pair of hands at Everton would always keep them in the top 8 but won nothing, zilch! He also never won away against one of the sky four teams in eleven years. His style of football is ok nothing exciting though and until after the MON era we had an outstanding record v Everton home and away. 

Since Everton he went to Utd where every man and his dog knew he was only keeping the seat warm for a season as no top manager in their right mind would take over after Fergie! He was effectively a patsie, a fall guy if you like. Now he is in Spain where he has won just one game from 8 this season and there are mutterings that if he dosn’t jump to us he will be pushed!  

Is this really what we want a manager who’s record is comparable to Sherwoods and not as good as Lambert? How does failing in Spain qualify him to manage our great club?  

Now some of you on here will think I’m a bit harsh as most of us would love top 8 at the moment but in all honesty I see Moyes as another grey suited dour yes man who Lerner will manipulate. Another Lambert or Mckeish clone if you like who we will all turn on at the first sign of weakness. 

My opinion of course but what is yours? If Sherwood is sacked is Moyes the answer? Up the Villa. 


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    Hitchens 60 October 21, 2015 at 5:29 pm .

    Just what we need at the moment – more adverse rumour and innuendo. Still it increases the likelihood of failure and ultimate relegation. Hey ho the martini still tastes as good!

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      Im Ronny Pickering October 21, 2015 at 5:48 pm .

      Hitch , pore me one mate I bleeding need it, what a carry on. I never thought Aston Villa would end up like this, its pathetic ! all because Ellis wanted to find someone that wouldn’t divide our assets and push the club forwards, what a f*””king idiot.

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        Hitchens 60 October 21, 2015 at 9:13 pm .

        Bill – tell you the rot set in when the Board got rid of Sir Ron and Deadly walked through the door. Bill I poured you a martini but then downed it – sorry mate!

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    Jay Dee October 21, 2015 at 5:37 pm .

    Has Sherbert lost the dressing room I wonder are the players revolting they are revolting at playing football but has there been mutiny?It doesn’t really matter as Lerner makes every manager he employs a scapegoat until he’s gone this will be a regular event.God ide love to crack that fuckin yank with a beauty right on his cheek Bone.utv

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    DSVilla October 21, 2015 at 7:02 pm .

    Gabby has probably just figured out an insult aimed at him a few weeks ago by one of the other players.

    As for the manager situation, Villa just seem to lurch from crisis to crisis. Fox went on record last season with his “sacking is a false narrative” speech, before firing Lambert. The decision was right, and maybe the appointment was right in the short term given our escape. The reshaping of the squad, whoever was responsible, looks decent to most of us (given that we were never going to spend £15-20M on a single player. We still have a few issues with GK and probably RB but Sherwood looked like he knew that but wasn’t able to address the GK issue and maybe Crespo will turn out satisfactory at RB.

    Right now I am unhappy with the performance of Sherwood, but I really don’t have any faith in the owner/management team being able to make the correct appointment. Sticking with Sherwood may be the best bet, but only if performances/results improve pretty soon.

    I cannot believe the shambles we have become, and I can’t see an end to it.

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    bencey83 October 21, 2015 at 7:18 pm .

    Don’t have a good feeling about Moyes. Feel similar to how I felt when we were rumoured to be in for McLeish, Lambert and Sherwood. My gutt feeling was that they weren’t right for us at that time. After we appoint a manager, I always manage to talk myself round and try to see them in a positve way and give them a chacne. But my initial gutt feeling always seems to be confirmed eventually! Don’t know enough about Bradley really, but again, my gutt says no!

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    bencey83 October 21, 2015 at 7:19 pm .

    I think Big Sam would have kept us up.

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    VTID October 21, 2015 at 8:53 pm .

    We need a manger who will get us back into the premier because we are definatly being relegated this season there is no get out this time.

    Maybe the management / board team will then do one and let the club move on.

    I am so fed up with going to the games, I am contenplating giving my season ticket away but not sure if I want to put anyone else through the pain.

    Who or whatever the problems are they need to be sorted, its not just the owner, CEO, or manger the players have to take the critisim as well, there are a few who want to play and the rest not interested.

    Saturdays game will be another loss so to all be under no illusions, we are shit and will remain shit until someone grabs the team and club by the horns and moves us on.

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    marvin October 21, 2015 at 9:13 pm .

    The scary thing is we could very well win against Swansea, and then what? If the press is already defending him on all fronts I can’t imagine the push back in the media if he gets a result. To be honest, I don’t know if I can handle Sherwood’s smug comments the following week and I worry the club may actually come out to support him.

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    Rocky1 October 21, 2015 at 10:04 pm .

    The worrying thing about all this negativity surrounding the club is the long term damage this doing to my / our club. I have calculated that I know more Villa fans that have turned their back on Villa and do not even bother to go anymore, than actually go and make the effort. I know some that gave up season tickets having had one for years, which is so sad albeit that the games being switched for TV did help. These people running our club need to realize without us fans and the future generation of fans staying interested in the club will continue to slip down the leagues. I feel sorry for the young fans that cannot wait to be at Villa park for a game only to come away having been turned over every week. I am old enough to remember the good old days, but those days will never be repeated in my life time again. I will always love my club and will never waiver, but gone are the days where you look forward to the buzz of a match day at Villa park, it becomes a chore at times and feels like groundhog day every other week.
    Come on Villa get it sorted and bring our Villa back, we deserve this, it’s not much to ask for is it?

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    pat57 October 21, 2015 at 10:42 pm .

    I find the whole situation very frustrating (and I really miss MOTD but I can’t watch it when we lose).

    Its like with Lambert we had an incompetent chef and the wrong ingredients – absolutely no hope at all.

    I feel we’re getting at least some of the right ingredients but the chef is f***ing it up again. He’s come up with some really strange and inedible recipes like leaving Amavi out for Richardson!!!

    Will the chef learn? I doubt it, he hasn’t got the time and he hasn’t listened to anyone else so far. We need a Blumenthal or Roux but all we’re likely to get is the scruffy bloke from the local caff that can even f*** up a sausage sandwich.

    In short – I despair. Following Villa is just a succession of heartbreaks. Almost wish we could fast forward to the end of the season and get it over with.

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      originallondonlion October 22, 2015 at 1:24 am .

      You are like my Missus Pat, the converted Tractor Girl won’t watch MOTD if Villa have lost. But the good news is she has just flown to the Far East for 3 weeks and she usually misses a Villa good spell.

      I have a few issues now with Sherwood, but the biggest one was appointing Wilkins as #2. That destroyed in one move what I hoped Sherwood was about.

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        pat57 October 22, 2015 at 1:41 am .

        @OLL ‘she usually misses a Villa good spell’…now don’t start getting my hopes up 🙂

        Agree with what you say about Wilkins. He was a negative player and seems to be the same in management.

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