Should Sherwood Be Sacked?

With a disastrous start to the season-just 4 points out of 24 and 4 points from safety already-is it now time for us to sack Sherwood? 

With Advocat and Rodgers going today this is good time for our owner to quickly act while he still can. Also there is no better time than a 2 week international break. 

I was all for giving Sherwood till Xmas but I was assuming he would use his own players and at least be on a par with Lambert. We now have a tough fixture list ahead and honestly can’t see where our next point is coming from. 

It is likely if he were to go we would end up with another underwhelming manager like Allardyce but even he may be out of reach with Sunderland in the same boat as us. 

Of course the real problem is with Lerner and Fox but we are stuck with them regardless. 

So what do you think I say sack him but do it now or it will be too late soon. UTV 


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    originallondonlion October 5, 2015 at 1:15 am .

    I can’t agree that Sherwood should be sacked, principally because I cannot see anyone who is available who has not failed in his last job. Tim thinks the players are not fit enough, yet another question mark over the regime at BMH.

    Every game we have lost has been by one goal, they are not hammerings. So when I look at the reasons for concession I come to the same few players making mistakes. I grant you it is the manager’s job to put this right. Tim’s principal failing is the same as the a long list of past managers that nothing seems to be worked on in the way of player skills at Bodymoor Heath. How many times have you said of a Villa player “oh that’s new he could not do that before”? I can think of one thing only about the players we had last season. Guzan can catch a ball this season instead of 2 fisting it. Nobody else for years seemed to improve his game. Our dead ball kicks are appalling. So for that matter is the shooting with a moving ball, nobody seems to be able to hit a hard shot on target. All the goals we’ve netted with feet have been side footed. So what do they do at BMH?

    If player’s mistakes and techniques cannot be ironed out on the training field, then the players need to be dropped or assigned to roles they can perform, and other players tried. Richards has made 2 game-losing errors that no player who thinks like a centre half should make. IMO he is too old to learn new tricks and despite what he says (about preferring to play CH) he thinks like a right back. Which is handy because Hutton can neither defend nor cross a ball. Westwood is mediocre, and not improving, so he can be dropped in favour of a new arrival with a bit more energy. It was unlucky that Traore was injured but the right side of our team is hopeless without him. Richards should play RB and any attacker should play in front of him who understands the instruction to play as a right winger.

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    GIDDYVILLAN October 5, 2015 at 7:17 am .

    I’ll give him to the end of the month by then if he doesn’t know his best team & formation he can do for New players gelling Watford seem to be doing ok & they brought in more New faces than us.shit day outside harriers bottom of the league Worcestershire relegated & to top it VILLA almost propping the prem up fucking geez.

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    Colonius81 October 5, 2015 at 11:36 pm .

    It is fair to say that whatever tim was trying to do this season has not come off. If he has honed it down to one thing that is trying.

    I can’t see anyone better coming in to replace him though. I have had my fair share of new manager bounce and hoping managers come round.

    all in all, I say no not time to fire him, he is behind where we hoped, the team is getting worse performance wise but I believe we are a better squad and are not as bad as last year.

    but points is the name of the game, we have to start putting them on the board, or Tim won’t get the chance to show us what he can do with a full season.

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    Jon October 6, 2015 at 9:25 pm .

    He has to go. The signings he made just are not working.

    Each game you see the same pattern second half late nearly end and they let in goals. What does it say about the defence? Sherwood does nothing to fix the basic problem will have had since Lambert got in.

    Villa will go down with Sherwood and you either wait till January and still 4 points or get rid now and just bring someone experienced in to get the club to end of season again and hopefully Lerner out.

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