Semi final review and other thoughts

I still struggle to believe we beat Leicester.
Fortunately, while close, my 1-1 prediction didn’t materialise and all I remember is not Trezeguet’s goal, but the pure elation in the moment.
That’s footy and booze for you.

So we face Man City in the final and while it won’t be easy, I absolutely do not see anything like the battering we got at home to them.
It seems to me Dean smith is learning quickly, as even though I didn’t think we played at all well, we beat a side that is managed by Brendan Rodgers, who by most accounts is a very good manager tactically.

So how did we achieve the win?
Well, I thought Targett and grealish seemed to have a good understanding and put their right side under serious pressure that they couldn’t live with.
I’ve often slated Targett, but thought he had a great game yesterday.
I also thought Samatta did well. He netted, albeit offside and had another decent chance that got stuck under his feet.

But of course, the plaudits go out to Nyland, who was simply brilliant. Would Reina have made some of those saves?
I seriously don’t know, but his display surely means it would be incredibly harsh to drop him for the final, given that he’s done so well.
Smith says Nyland was always going to start last night, but I’m not sure I believe that and I’d expect that logic says that Smith will go with Reina in the final.

As I’ve said, I don’t think we played well.
Our defence is horrendous at times and just looks so disorganised and panicky, it scares me.
Indeed, Leicester had a stupid amount of shots, something like 22, while we only had 3 on target.
It’s a good job we were clinical and Maddison wasn’t.

Still, we won, so what do I know?
What I do know is that the lads haven’t given up and continue to work their guts out for the manager.
That’s good and I for one appreciate it.

Apparently, we’re still looking for a striker to provide backup to Samatta and Davis. I suspect we’ll get one too, although we’re leaving it close.
I’m expecting an old hand, with premier league experience that could come on and help close out a game, but I don’t have a clue who it might be.

I’m minded to think we need an experienced midfielder and defender too for the same reason, but we have Chester at the back, if he doesn’t go on loan.
I just don’t see the midfielder happening at all.

It was interesting to see that Wes Edens turned up to the game.
He chose a great one to attend, but I doubt that was his only aim and am guessing he wanted to speak to Smith about his thoughts.
The optimist in me thinks that he might have wanted clarity about a major spend on a big signing.

But the realist in me doesn’t see much happening.

Last night’s game must have seriously encouraged him though.
Wes and Nassef going to Wembley twice in a year must be very rewarding and must already be more than they expected this early into their ownership.

Of course, the priority remains Premier league survival, but a cup final never hurts, does it?



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    Bill Pearson February 1, 2020 at 9:05 am .

    Baston sends Villa fans message
    Aston Villa striker Borja Baston has declared himself ready to play for his new club following his deadline day arrival from Swansea City last night on a free transfer.

    The Spaniard doesn’t want to waste any time getting in on the action as he looks to help fire the goals that will keep Villa in the Premier League this season.

    Baston signed from Swansea City late last night, with the 27-year-old not eligibile for today’s match at relegation rivals AFC Bournemouth at Dean Court.

    The 27-year-old, a £15 million signing for Swansea in August 2016, will compete with Mbwana Samatta and Keinan Davis up front following the departure of Jonathan Kodjia and the season-ending injury to Wesley Moraes

    Good deal me thinks Lads.

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    nath February 1, 2020 at 9:08 am .

    i think we did better than i expected in the January sales. like hitch alluded too the fair play seems to be a major factor. i am also very worried about our defense. playing three central defenders. means you need more than one back up in case of injuries or dip in form. chester going, i reckon we he had to go, so we could bring in another striker. looks like to me that things are much tighter than we estimated.

    but we had to bring in a goalie and we did and what a goalie to bring in, he also will help nyland which in turn will raise his game. drinkbeer was also a good signing. many disagree but look at luiz and nakamba form since he was loaned in. they both are producing better all round performances.

    we seen how we struggled without a forward. el ghazi just could not play up front without a forward our whole game struggled. with davis back also we now have three forwards. much healthier position for the rest of season

    we have got to win today no excuses, we have to leave everything we have on the field. another cup final game like watford one.i thought we played excellent against them, not only did we take the game with a late winner, we also dented a rivals confidence in doing so. we have to do the same to Bournemouth. wining this game will give us a little cushion

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