Quick thoughts on tonight’s game

Apologies for the late post – any earlier and it would probably have been one long rant anyway.

I do have concerns tonight.

Is Targett available after going off injured on Wednesday? He put in an exceptional performance in defence and it showed just how well he had played when Taylor came on. In fact Targett has consistently defended well in recent games.

McGinn will be missing having picked up his 5th red card and a mandatory one match ban but Trezeguet comes back into the squad which is good news.

There have been a lot of calls for Barry to be included on the bench and if we’re not going to acquire a striker in this window, then it might not be a bad call, if only for experience. The issue I feel though is that he’s not currently training with the first team squad so it seems unlikely.

So, assuming Targett is fit, I can’t see Smith fiddling with the team too much. Trezeguet may come in for Traore or even for McGinn although I suspect Smith might keep faith with Ramsey.

Smith will be watching from the stands having picked up a one match touchline ban for telling Moss what a crap ref he is. Strange world when you get punished for telling the truth. I loved Smith’s comment – I’ve heard him (Moss) called a lot worse!

So prediction – Newcastle are on a terrible run of form but have been missing two of their key players through Long Covid although Saint-Maxim could be back and will add an attacking threat. Villa have only one one of the last 14 meetings with Newcastle and that in the same fixture last year.

Newcastle will be cautious as is Bruce’s want and look to counter attack on the break – something we seem peculiarly vulnerable to at home.

If we’re on our game and not too badly affected after Wednesday night, fitness wise, then it’s a game we should be looking to win.


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    Mark January 27, 2021 at 9:24 pm .

    I have said it before, Mings has become ‘ Billy Big Time’ since he got in to the England squad. Whilst he is undoubtedly talented, his regularly complacency often leads to our detriment. The goal that Welbeck scored for Brighton, trying to control the ball against Man. City. He even had the audacity to pull Zaha back in the game against Palace, having just been booked, and was gobsmacked when he received his marching orders.
    I hold him responsible for the first and third goals tonight.
    When Hause is fit, I think Smith should put Mings on the bench, to make him focus. It won’t happen of course. The jury is very much out with Barkley. Maybe Sanson signing from Marseille will sort that.
    I would definitely have taken where we are now, if offered it, at the start of the season. It doesn’t stop me feeling disappointed tonight though.

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    Holte66 January 28, 2021 at 6:21 pm .

    Got last nights result out of my system. We play open attractive football and unlike last season we have a number of quality players who are capable of winning a game. JG has flourished with improved players around him too and is getting better and better. I still get pissed with commentators suggesting he should move. Last night the BT commentary team mentioned Grealish and Luiz as moving on to ‘better things’ Personally speaking this really riles me as they should just concentrate on the game and not play as agents for the ‘big 6’
    Anyway after last night I conclude Turf Moor as my unhappy place!

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    nath January 28, 2021 at 8:32 pm .

    i am still proud of the villa even after the defeat, first half was excellent performance, some of the passing and moving was first class, only for pope it would have been 3 or even 4 nil.

    second half burnley improved their game and altered their tactics to meet villa in a end to end battle. they scored three goals from three on target that says it all. sometimes its just one of those nights or games when you know its not yours.

    i think the second goal burnley scored was a good cross and ended up in the net, it turned the game on its head. burnley are as i said before the game a tough team to beat. had we taken our chances first half it would have been game over. it was a tough physical game and both teams were knackered at the end

    also watching burnley waste the last ten minutes in the corners made me laugh, what a scalp villa have become, where a team will time waste for last ten plus the 4 minutes injury time. i havent seen any team head into the corners like that against us since ??? i cant recall any congratulations to them

    i said grealish was angry again leaving pitch i couldnt quite see who it was aimed at. but today on twitter it was claimed grealish had words with ian woan a ex forest winger who was rubbish maybe he was gealish of grealish magnificent run from the touchline in front of the dug outs past all the defenders and only for pope to save a another certain goal and prevented goal of the season

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      nath January 28, 2021 at 8:37 pm .

      jealous not grealish lol been a long day

      manure losing to sheff utd cheered me up, also their fans showing themselves up

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      Bill Pearson.. January 28, 2021 at 9:25 pm .

      I feel like Badger does about football but I can’t let it beat me. I feel like lost a £20 note and found a penny. How the hell we lost that beyond me, im trying to look where, im blaming Traore not tracking back, then I’m saying Barkley for losing midfield and being half soaked in tackles and not getting back, Mings for not checking the tallest centre back on corners, Cash was over run so was Targett both had no cover and that’s how they beat us in my mind. My big worry is thinking Grealish might throw the towel in and take a big club that’s in the European cups, I know I worry too much but I love my club and I have to think Bill your no spring chicken we need to be back in Europe.

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        nath January 29, 2021 at 7:05 am .

        bill don’t look to blame, honestly sometimes you can play perfectly and lose. this team is playing brilliantly, sometimes its just not your night. not sure why badger has fallen out of love with football. it can not be cause of villa as we are producing some lovely stuff not seen in ages. movement under big Ron was excellent, but under smith we are just as good on the eye.

        i honestly think the three games we returned we have improved with each game, burnley are flying right now, what they lack in skills they make up with all the other stuff. villa just got beaten by a very tough side who can run for days and they are strong physically too. the football we played in first half would have broken all the sides in premiership except burnley. they are the duracell of the premiership. instead of feeling sorry for themselves they played villa second half at our game. they didnt retreat they ploughed forwards and got their just deserves. well they were brave so they deserve something. they scored lucky goals too but thats football

        another thing we will improve further cause players like manager will be head scratching. to fathom how we lost a game we had total control off

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    Gerry January 29, 2021 at 4:20 pm .

    Totally agree Nath. Nobody qualified for real blame. Maybe two of the goals were a bit soft. But it is an absolute pleasure watching Villa at the moment. I have never seen a our team as destructive as this and some of the movement in the first half down the right was breathtaking. We are not half bad down the left either. Ollie does need to convert a few more because we do make so many chances. So many ex villa managers must be wondering why they couldn’t do what Smith is doing. Bill and Badger, you know better than to sulk.

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    Holte66 January 29, 2021 at 5:18 pm .

    I think the biggest issue with Smith is resting players when we all can see the likes of Barkley and Traore flagging. He should be able to trust the bench. El Ghazi and Trezeguet have proven more than capable and Nakamba was excellent against Newcastle. I also think McGinn looks a little below his usual high standards recently. The most controversial player is Mings. It seems a lot of fans believe he has got to laid back in his play. I wonder if Burnley would have scored those 2 headers if Hause was fit and playing. He is undoubtedly the best we have for heading the ball. Mings on the other hand is vocal and a leader on the pitch.
    As for tomorrow I don’t expect any changes unless Trezeguet comes in for Traore to help out Cash. We will do well to get a point based on our previous record against the saints.

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      nath January 29, 2021 at 6:18 pm .

      i thought mcgin had a decent game against burnley, thou he has been off colour since returning from bad injury. mings i don’t think deserves the criticism, again he had a decent game at burnley. the goals we conceded were poor but it was hard to blame mings. corner was the way we defend um we use blockers and they both went to sleep allowing their centre backs free runs. the cross which went straight in was a fluke. the cross and wood header he peeled off our defenders and out jumped target. but he was going away from goal and that header was sublime.

      i do however agree we have a problem down the right WITHOUT the ball. traore has improved his game and settled in well, scored 4 or 5 lately but without the ball he needs a lot more work. but to say he doesnt track back is wrong he does but its not his game or his strength

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    nath January 29, 2021 at 6:04 pm .

    first off i didn’t claim anyone was sulking, i was just replying to bill who also wasn’t sulking he was expressing how he was feeling. he also wasn’t blaming anyone he was asking whether he should be blaming. basically after the game i went through every emotion you could think off. my overwhelming feeling was one of sickness to the pit of my stomach. like bill was questioning how the hell we lost that. also i never sulk myself just ask my misses well forget that.

    also badger i expect has real life tasks to work on and maybe he is pissed at the games rules who constantly keep getting it wrong, but i can not intelligently speak for others just guessing. i know the game gets me down not villa. the club chose me and without it i would be bored.

    so villa under smith is ticking my boxes. i just hope us fans appreciate these players are giving their best. look at the progression we made in such a short period. if we were just to finish top ten that would be brilliant. it is possible that we could gate crash into the top 6 who knows that is half the fun innit the journey. main thing is we enjoy sit back and like giddy says crack open a can or two

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