Project Restart commences

Well, it’s not much, but at least it’s something and it is solid.
After weeks of discussions, the Premier league have agreed that training will resume in small groups of up to five, starting from Tuesday.
It’s not clear which Tuesday, but I’m guessing it’s next week as all players and staff will have to be tested and proven clear beforehand.
Or maybe it means you can begin as soon as you’ve fulfilled those conditions, from tomorrow. Who knows?

It’s no doubt just going to be basic fitness training first, as it’ll be none contact.
Which makes you wonder how long all this is going to take before the players are ready to play the game at a proper level. I’m sure I glanced at an article somewhere that said it will take at least six weeks minimum to get the players into some sort of shape.
Which takes us to the beginning of July, as it is.

This leaves me asking myself what chance we have of abandoning the season and now I think it’s frankly zero.
Apparently this protocol has been agreed unanimously by all parties concerned.
Logic tells me that if the players have agreed to this (and the small groups thing suggests to me they don’t have to socially distance???), it’s only a small step to move up to full group training, contact level training and then actually playing.
Or maybe I’m getting ahead of myself with that thinking?

Either way, this is probably the biggest step taken and I believe the firm intention is to play the season out.
It makes sense.
Apparently the EFL don’t want to abandon their season because it would set a precedent to the Premier league.
So they will play theirs out and get bona fide promoted teams.
By hook or by crook, the Prem will ensure our season is played out, in our own, empty grounds.
Probably with the new season starting as quick as is possible.
We have bona fide relegated teams.
Sky and BT get to show the games.
The Prem gets it’s money and there is no litigation.

Which probably leads to us being relegated, because home advantage isn’t just the ground you’re playing at; it’s the support.

There is one hope, which is the one OriginalLondonLion suggests, in that the weather will be warmer and we’re a fairweather team.


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    Bill Pearson. May 28, 2020 at 4:19 pm . Reply

    At long last football.
    Just been announced that the first games will commence on the 17th of June.

    Live Premier League to resume with Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Manchester City v Arsenal – live updates from the world of sport

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