Olmpiacos – Villa; Another European farce?

Let me say from the off that I’m sure most of you know I’ve never really believed in conspiracies and corruption in the game to much of an extent, but after last week’s debacle, I’m rapidly changing my mind.
Hence I have no doubt in my mind that we won’t get a result tonight and the absolute truth is that I don’t even know if I’m bothered. A big part of me is saying that I don’t really want to win a competition that seems as though it’s full of bent referees and bent owners too.

The trouble is, I’m now worried that corruption has also spread as high as the Champion’s league, particularly after the game between Real and Bayern. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure I saw the VAR twice and all it showed was a white shaded area with a player’s silhouette compared to the line. Yet it didn’t show the defender that it was supposed to be comparing to, hence it could have been anywhere on the pitch.
What on earth is that supposed to prove and how is it transparent?

And it all makes me think, now the doubt is in my mind, that it was just further confirmation that the game is now corrupt at the very highest level.
I said a few weeks back that football is now seemingly all about entertainment and what draws the crowds, as opposed to being a genuine sport played on any sort of playing field, let alone a level one and I now think we’re just seeing more evidence of it as time goes on.

My meaningless rant over and onto squad news.
The only real news is that Martinez is back in the squad, but it’s not at all certain that he will prove fit. I sincerely hope he is, as while I don’t particularly blame him for last week, I don’t believe the defence has much faith in Olsen and nor do I.
Coincidently, I was talking about him to an Everton fan and guess what? Olsen played for them too and he was also rubbish there.

As for Olympiacos, I’ve looked for team news on their part and can’t find any.

What to think then?
Well, I think everything is conspiring against us and I just don’t see a win, let alone us doing enough to win the tie.
The only saving grace is that we dominated possession and chances last time out, but I’m on a bit of a roll here, having very little faith in us in the first leg and giving a major hint of my thoughts in the Brighton preview, even if I didn’t outright say I thought we’d lose.

Ah, go on, I’ll make a prediction here, as I’m really not bothered about jinxing us either way for this game.
I think we might scrape a draw, but I think it’s more likely to be a loss, 1-2.



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  1. Tom
    Tom May 13, 2024 at 7:03 pm . Reply

    Tielemens is back in! Zanilolo on the bench and Langlet that’s a little better than I was expecting

  2. Bum Bum
    Bum Bum May 13, 2024 at 7:08 pm . Reply

    Tiememans is back!!! Cash injured. Only Duran and Zaniolo of note on the bench.

    Please no injuries! That’s a strong starting line up!!!

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