Next manager POLL; who do you think?

Seeing as we’ve only just sacked Bruce, it seems a bit early to be asking this question, as we’re still digesting the news.
But it’s been requested and I suppose it’s going to be the next big subject, so here goes;

Quite simply, who do you think should be our next manager?

I probably shouldn’t say anything, as I really don’t want to lead anyone in any way at all, but my opinion says that any of the supposed candidates are completely rubbish suggestions that will not happen.

I’m going to list all those I’ve seen, but importantly, add A.N.Other
Which is where I’d welcome suggestions.
And I’ve randomised the choices.


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    Hitchens60 October 5, 2018 at 8:16 pm .

    See that Dean Smith has taken a decisive lead over the somewhat shady sounding ‘other geezer’ with Rodgers running a somewhat distant third in Badger’s poll.

    Reports are now suggesting that it’s Rodgers the owners want (Purslow having worked with him at Liverpool ) and the ‘other geezer’ is just a smokescreen LOL.

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