Meltdown update; What (we think) we know.

Well, it’s all happening, isn’t it?
That’s if you believe what’s being said in the media.

First and most important, is that we’ve done a deal with the tax man.
There’s no surprise there, as his only aim is to get the money. It doesn’t suit anyone to close the club down.
Whether we can meet the tight payment dates is a different story and Xia has apparently had to get a loan, to give us a brief respite.
What we have to pay tax for is a question in itself, given that we’ve lost millions for years, But I don’t do the books.
You’d have to assume it’s VAT.

Next, there’s the rumour that because we will have to sell everyone, we might be forced to bring Gabby back.
I nearly wet myself laughing when I read that one, as you might as well sign me.
Hence that one is totally ignored, although I do appreciate someone’s sense of humour.

It seems we have six clubs interested in signing Jack Grealish.
While I’m not at all convinced that we’ll let him go, so I’m also convinced that we might not have a choice.
The word is that Jack is willing to give us another chance and will stay for the next season.
To which, I say fair play.
That’s the true Villa fan in him coming out and is pretty much what I’ve asked of him.
If we fail next season, he’d be fully entitled to walk away, with my blessing.

Steve Bruce is apparently being chased by Leeds.
Their fans apparently don’t want him, but it seems it doesn’t matter anyway, as the club are now close to agreeing terms with Bielsa.
Was that one designed to make Bielsa’s agent get a move on? Probably.

Chester is also being chased at around £8 million, which I’d say isn’t too bad a deal.
I’d be disappointed if he left, as I think he’s been excellent for us, but if needs must etc….

Bjarnason is also wanted and if he’s not going to feature regularly, that’s a good thing too, although I’d rather see Jedinak leave if it comes to cutting costs.

I think there are rumours that Southampton want to totally take the mick, in wanting our kids on the cheap.
I’ll bet money that it won’t happen and I didn’t even bother looking past the headlines.

Oh, we might sell the car park on Tame road. There was planning permission granted for housing a while back, but we didn’t do anything about it.
That might bring in a few million, but it won’t happen quickly, so would have to be forward-sold again, if we truly are that desperate.
From memory, we had about £25 mill worth of land we could possibly flog off, but I wonder if at least some of it might be contaminated?
There was a rumour that we might sell BMH, but if we do, I’d guess that would be more down to HS2.

Whatever, as I suggested in the last post, we haven’t gone boobs up just yet and I don’t think we will, at all.
Something will happen to prevent it, trust me.

If the Villa were to go bump, it would be a massive admission that the whole game is ruined, after all.
The Mirror said basically the same thing, albeit from a totally opposite point of view.;

We’ll be okay.
We aren’t quite asking the fans to paint the stands, as happened with our last crash, just yet, are we?


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  1. Bill Pearson June 12, 2018 at 12:22 pm .

    This is it CA Villan.
    Jack Grealish is a target for London giants Chelsea, according to reports.

    The Stamford Bridge giants are the latest club to be linked with a move for the Villa youngster and TEAMtalk are reporting that a £30m deal is on the table for Villa with the option of Grealish heading back to Villa on loan for the coming season.

    They are the latest club to be linked with a move for Grealish and join the likes of Leicester, Newcastle, Everton, Spurs and West Ham.

    Fulham – the team who defeated Aston Villa in the play-off final to trigger financial chaos at Villa Park – have also been linked with a shock summer move.

    Highly-rated 22-year-old Grealish is expected to move on this summer as Tony Xia and his trusted Villa Park associates desperately try to raise funds. as for Wyness he is sueing Two other Villa staff, it well might be what Nath mentioned who sanctioned the players money.

  2. Bill Pearson June 12, 2018 at 2:10 pm .

    This should end all speculation over Bruce going.

    Marcelo Bielsa is expected to be announced as manager of Leeds United, ending any links with Steve Bruce taking over at Elland Road.

  3. Bill Pearson June 12, 2018 at 2:19 pm .

    Tony Xia,words,

    Tony Xia is looking for a £30million investment to help ease Aston Villa’s financial problems, BirminghamLive can reveal.

    The Chinese owner wants a huge cash injection in exchange for a negotiable percentage of equity.

    It’s understood that he will even consider selling-up, but only if he can get what he paid for the club in 2016.

  4. DSVilla June 12, 2018 at 2:41 pm .

    Xia had made changes to Villa M&A at Companies House, filed in the last week (but dated 25 May – when did Wyness get suspended?). They seem directed at blowing changes in the share ownership of the club. maybe you could take a look Hitch as you seem to have more experience in that area than me?

    Sorry I can’t seem to post a workable link

    1. DSVilla June 12, 2018 at 4:04 pm .

      Allowing not blowing

    2. Hitchens 60 June 12, 2018 at 6:57 pm .

      Hi DS – will if I get opportunity – off to Madrid so a bit time pressed. I assume he has created more shares in some way which can be sold to new investors thus increasing shareholder funds. Anyway he will be diluting the value of his shares in doing so as the overall value of the company remains unchanged. I assume he is also including some terms in relation to a form of shareholder agreement.

      I did suggest in a previous post that this would be a workable solution with Xia retaining a majority shareholding.

      OLL might also be in a position to comment.

    3. Hitchens 60 June 12, 2018 at 9:01 pm .

      DS been on Companies House web site and can’t find the changes you refer to – not showing on filing details. Wyness was formally ‘removed’ on 12th June.

      Where did you read Mems & Arts being changed?

      1. DSVilla June 12, 2018 at 10:10 pm .

        On a Twitter feed sourced through Newsnow. I’ll see if I can track and cut/paste

      2. DSVilla June 12, 2018 at 10:22 pm .

        You can see under company number 03375789 Aston Villa Football Club. Recorded on June 7th. Wyness termination filed today.

  5. Bill Pearson June 12, 2018 at 5:51 pm .

    Work starting at Body More Heath September.

    Part of Bodymoor Heath, Aston Villa’s training ground
    According to the plans Villa have submitted, the idea is to move all the academy pitches and two first team pitches, which will be lost once construction of the high speed rail development begins.

    The club also plans to replace car parking and service areas that will also be lost due to the development and have submitted plans to North Warwickshire Borough Council’s planning committee.

    The design and access statement submitted with the applications read: “HS2 will have a devastation effect on Aston Villa Football Clubs integrated football academy and first team facilities that have been at Bodymoor Heath since the 1970s.

    “As a direct result of this proposed work, the facility will physically lose three academy football pitches and all of its access and servicing infrastructure.

    Stan Collymore in the words of his managers
    “The remaining academy pitches are blighted by noise. All academy pitches are required to be co-located for training or teaching.

    “It is believed by the club advisors that some of the First Team playing surfaces, will also need to be relocated away from the anticipated noise affecting Speech Intelligibility.

    “Therefore it is proposed to co-locate and replace all of the lost academy pitches and training areas and infrastructure on a portion of the former quarry land to the north of the site and the far side of Coneybury Wood.

    “It is essential to the future of the football club that it retains its status and the quality of its First Team Facilities.”

    Villa lodged a multi-million pound compensation claim last when they first discovered the news of the HS2 route

  6. Originallondonlion June 12, 2018 at 8:51 pm .

    Replying to Hitchens and Bill. I have no more information sources about Villa’s financial structure. I have never believed Xia owned the £400M deposit allegedly put in an escrow account before take over. I have always assumed he is a front man because none of the Chinese businesses which are listed, and which he controls, make enough money to have made him a billionaire.

    if he is a front man it would explain the melt down post Wembley. Because if he has backers with only knowledge of how China works, they would have expected promotion to be in the bag, the result of the match fixed beforehand. It would also tally with Xia’s alleged willingness to sell up, if he can get out with his money in a UK account.

    I shall jump for joy if Villa can sell the whole BMH complex to the HS2 authorities and move to another training facility. BMH is cursed, we have been going downhill since we got it.

  7. Hitchens 60 June 12, 2018 at 9:06 pm .

    In reply to OLL, I can only quote our own Toyah Willcox – It’s a mystery……….

  8. Bill Pearson June 12, 2018 at 9:08 pm .

    All that makes sense now, when Xia took charge the word got out that he was fronting for Chinese investors and had x amount money to invest., it now looks like he as shot himself in the foot. His goal now is to get most of his money back at all cost.

  9. nath June 12, 2018 at 9:35 pm .

    brentford combative midfielder woods 6mill to baggies i would love to see if they other him a 30 k to 40 k wage i very much doubt it.

    clubs are sorting their squads out for next season. nothing like giving the opposition a head start. we can afford it cant we.

    where are we today. still no good news, just more depressing bad news. no preparations for future. the club will limb into league 1 with sunderland at this rate. we reek of defeatist. manager is he staying or going nobody knows. sacking of the board member and now suing us. Drx selling club or not if we get a offer to match his input. the players will lap this up. mccormack will struggle even more with training as his gate taller next season.

    we is foo ked

    selling off grealish will do nothing for the club only benefit drX he will use the 30 mill to pay the wages until he finds a buyer.

    1. DSVilla June 12, 2018 at 10:26 pm .

      If Xia can’t inject funds we need this to happen or it’s administration. It would buy some time, hopefully enough to find a buyer.

  10. Bill Pearson June 13, 2018 at 5:25 pm .

    My fear is Xia selling to get his money back and us having to suffer the consequences, I’ve a sneaking suspicion he’s been fronting his position and he’s at a stage where he has to show his hand to his consortium. We have not heard a word from him personally about what he going to do, its all papers making up fake news. Come on Xia we are Villa fans and we need to see how you are going to get us out of the Brown stuff they created by going along with money grabbing advisors .give Bruce his answer his he in a job or not, and let him repair the damage.

    1. DSVilla June 13, 2018 at 8:12 pm .

      There’s not much point anybody buying Aston Villa for a significant sum if they can’t fund a team that will have a fair crack at promotion. If anyone does buy us it would suggest they have a plan to improve the finances so we are competitive.

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