Leeds – Villa: Another big one

I’ve seen Leeds comments that have suggested that this is a massive fixture.
And indeed it is.
The current top two big clubs in the Championship are us and Newcastle; that’s without doubt, in my opinion.
The next level might be a bit more debatable and you could include Norwich as next on the list, but truth be told, I don’t see them as being up there as a big club.
So to me, Leeds are next, which is backed up by the fact that ticket sales are expected to be around 32,000 for this game.
When you consider this is going to be shown on Sky, that’s pretty impressive and even more so when you consider Leeds have done nothing for a while.

So they’ve got decent support.
Which makes them seem automatically a formidable foe.

Sure, it’s a plus point and one that we often use; the bigger club usually wins out, after all.
But we’re debatably a bigger club and that’s why we shouldn’t think we’re going to struggle before we even kick off.

Before I give my prediction, let’s have the team news.

Erm, I’m not seeing much to be honest.
Leeds have defender Pontus Jansson back in contention.

Whereas Villa have injury doubts over Baker (groin) and McCormack (ankle).
The big one there is obviously Baker and I feel he’d be a major loss even if we have Elphick to come in.
There was some mention about Richards, but who gives a toss?

Not that it matters too much.
Leeds are apparently seeking their fifth win in six league games and that’s pretty impressive.
But they haven’t met us yet.

Perhaps I’m heading for a fall, but I’m just feeling we’re on a roll.
A roll that says we’ll win this 2-1.

It’s all quite worrying really, as every time I’ve been confident over the last few years, it’s all turned round and bitten me on the arse.

But with Super Spud (you heard it here first) in charge, I suspect our good run will continue.

Otherwise, I’ll take a point.
Leeds’ home form isn’t great and our away form isn’t either.
Which makes this one particularly interesting.


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  1. pat57
    pat57 December 5, 2016 at 10:32 pm . Reply

    My bet is that Spurs will put out a weakened team but then again so will Villa. Their weakened team will be a lot stronger than ours so that’s us out of the cup.

    Actually not bothered, if you offered me a top 6 place instead of the FA Cup right now I’d bite your hand off.

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