Is It Now Time For Lambert To Go?

After yesterday’s latest in a long line of humiliations under lambert surely this is the time to get rid. Even under Mcleish we were never this bad and we wanted him hung yet Lambert continues to get away with it.

This man has given us one unwanted record after the other it’s embarrassing. Only Moyes can compete with Lambert for worst manager of the year award IMO.

Yes Lambert apologists will go on about our record against the top 3 and that he hasn’t had much money to spend. But at the end if the day they are his players the buck stops with him. Forget the young and hungry do called long term plan from Lerner’s media mouthpieces the bottom line is these players are simply not good enough. Dean Saunders alluded to the fact players like Bacuna are not good enough to defend in the premier…so why does Lambert play him at right back! Ryan Bertrand playing over Bennett was not a great move either he played his heart out v Chelsea and deserved to start over an inept Bertrand who is only here to get up to speed for Chelsea’s benefit. Thus a loan signing hampers the development of someone who may or may not have a chance. Bertrand has not justified a first team start regardless. It was also Lambert’s fault for not buying an AM and getting Barry or someone with equal experience on loan.

With 8 games to go and virtually little chance of going down now is the time to strike. It will give a new manager time to assess the current squad and have a full summer window ahead of him.

Lerner you are also at fault but we are stuck with you. But as a goodwill gesture to 36,000 fans that follow Villa at home and have had to suffer dross performance after dross performance at least do the decent thing and get rid of this clown and give the new manager some decent money to spend. But don’t waste your hard earned on Lambert.


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    Andrew March 25, 2014 at 8:22 pm .

    I told you he wasn’t going to be much better than we have and we have a chance to sign him because he’s not good enough for Chelsea.

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    Jay Dee March 25, 2014 at 10:29 pm .

    Lamberts signing a new deal…UTV

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