Hutton signs a new one year contract; How does that work?

I know some of you have already discussed it, but this one puzzles me.

First let me say I’m pretty happy about this, as it seems, according to the Birmingham Mail’s poll, many Villa fans are.
I’ve seen comments that Hutton is simply too old and we should be letting the kids have a chance.
Which is fair enough, if there’s the prospect that the kids might be better.
De Laet isn’t at the club and Bree is the next best bet. Has anyone really been convinced about him?
He might be a prospect, but I’m not seeing much more than that, just yet.
And at Left back, we have Taylor.
Is he really a better prospect over Hutton?
Not a chance and I’d take the old-timer playing out of position all day long.

At the end of the day, yes, we want to massacre the wage bill, but surely it can’t be done at the expense of playing far inferior players.
We at least have to survive on the pitch next season.

Look, I’d love to play a really young side that takes the league by storm next season.
But the reality would much more likely be that they’d struggle to avoid relegation.
Which leads to us fans ripping them to pieces and furthering the seeming vicious circle we’re already in.

No, we need some stability and Hutton’s retention is a good sign of that, in my opinion.
And judging by some of the player’s tweets that I’ve seen, it’s a popular decision amongst them too.

You can at times (and I definitely have) slate his performances over the years, but not once has anyone been able to slate his effort and I expect this is exactly why he has been retained.
Quite simply, his effort is also shown in training and sets the right sort of example.

More interesting though, are the reasons behind this.

If you read Hutton’s words, he’s happy in the area and sees it as home, because of the support he’s had from us fans.
It would seem he’s quickly forgotten the stick he took as part of a failing team; although, in fairness he’s quite rightly had plenty of plaudits this season.
So while he might indeed be settled here, we have to look at the reality.

Given this might well be his last decent pay-off, I don’t believe for one minute that he would take the massive pay cut, that is being suggested.
Ok, he might not be able to justify the £40-50k a week, he was on.
But I’m pretty sure that given that he was available on a free, he’s worth more than half that.
Let’s face it, would you want to throw away 2, 3, 4, 5 or more hundred thousand quid towards your pension, if you had an option?

I wouldn’t. So while you’d expect Hutton has had to take a pay cut, I’m suggesting it won’t have been that much.
25-30% at the most is my bet.

And that’s the part that makes it interesting.

If we seemingly have no money to spend and we are gagging to get wages off the books, because we’re going boobs up imminently, this signing makes no sense whatsoever.

And then there’s the part where Steve Bruce said he wanted to keep Hutton.
Why would we sign Hutton up so early, if we were looking at changing the manager?
It wouldn’t make sense, especially if the new manager didn’t rate Hutton in the slightest.

You’d appreciate the player needs to get a contract and give him the option to look around, while we retain a chance to re-sign him.
Playing fair, both ways, without restrictions, if you like.

Just like Hutton was on the supposed “get rid” list as of May, so I yet again think shenanigans are being played out.

Here’s three predictions;

1) Bruce is retained as our manager.
2) Grealish isn’t going anywhere.
3) While we don’t suddenly come into a fortune, we’ll be okay money-wise and will have money to spend on the odd signing/loan.

Keep the faith lads.
I’m convinced things aren’t as bad as they seemingly are.

Even if I’m totally wrong, it’s still a case of UTV!


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  1. nath
    nath June 15, 2018 at 8:58 pm .

    that was best game i have seen in ages. two sides with different styles. but both matched each other, spain were brilliant moving the ball around, just as they always do. but portugal showed how to defend the movement with a brilliantly well marshalled midfield all mobile, every player worked hard without the ball. they also carried a massive danger on the break.

    i totally enjoyed the game. goals were the icing on the cake.

  2. Hitchens60
    Hitchens60 June 16, 2018 at 6:44 am .

    Badger, I totally agree with your sentiments if not completely with your reasoning. Isn’t this the Telegraph trying to rework their own story but with more hype? Cheap way to fill column inches by adding a hysterical headline?

    FFP isn’t the real issue here but, from what little we truly know, cash flow is and that’s currently a serious problem for Villa.

  3. nath
    nath June 16, 2018 at 8:58 am .

    hmmmmm i would have to disagree, its not just paper talk which is bulshit i know. their is real facts out there. a website floating around gives you hard truths about villa over spending. the address i forgot. its was touted on the youtube villaview blog.

    we owe 11 million outstanding on transfers from years gone by, that has to be paid end of this month. plus the loss of 30 million tv, also small thing like wages outlay, still exceeding our income by massive margins.

    the only real debate is how much is actually the figure we need to recoup, as for players it has to be chester and grealish going unless overnight our less fancied players become desirable. they both can clear the amounts owed to buy time.

    the club needed to show outsiders we are not gonna have our pants pulled down over selling prices, but we will sell anybody that will command a decent price for that individual. until we lower wages and find the amount which prevents us being punished, for breaking rules that all championship clubs abide by.

    if we break the ffp rules we will be punished. that punishment might be losing our promotion if we actually achieved it

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