City v Villa Preview

Well I hate to say I told you all so but…! As you will have noticed I have been mercifully quiet lately simply as I really don’t care anymore. The club is a joke from top to bottom but we all know that without me having to say it. 

We are down now as we need at least 22 points from 30 and we have City, Utd, Spurs and Arsenal still to play so that’s 12 points lost before a ball is even kicked! On that basis we may as well start playing the kids but for some weird reason Garde will play more or less the same hoppos as he always does. Regardless of what team Villa and City put out today we all know that the result will be another Villa loss it’s just a question of how many City can be bothered to score. Teams only need one goal to beat us so expect City to go for the jugular and win the game in the first 20 mins where I expect us to be at least 2.0 down by then. 

They will then start resting players on the hour when the game is won as they have much bigger fish to fry in Europe and will want to rest players. 

On that basis my prediction is City 4 Villa 0 and I’m being generous to us as I think they will play in first gear to save their energy! 


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    Bill Pearson March 7, 2016 at 3:47 pm .

    Well just think back lads, the previous two manager we all had a go at, and that because we was blaming them, was it really the manages? To me all this rotton footballers we have stems from low wages cost cutting and demands from Lerner. It will not change till he’s gone, nobody at Villa have security in jobs, some knowing they will be off, how can we judge any manager with the set up we have. Nobody has come clean at Villa from the top to the bottom, this is going to hurt us fans for years.and that Yank is to blame.

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    Hitchens 60 March 7, 2016 at 7:38 pm .

    Now here’s the conundrum – which came first the chicken in the egg?

    What’s that got to do with matters at Villa – well there’s discussion over getting in a new manager with suggestions we should do it now but then who would select and appoint him – the current board? I certainly hope not!

    There is now way any new manager should be appointed by this board including Hollis – where’s he getting advice from – Fergie, Wenger, Harry Redknapp?

    So we need the chicken first – a new CEO who knows about football and a new board then we should look at a new manager so Hollis get your finger out and sack this board NOW.

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      Badger123 March 8, 2016 at 2:08 am .

      For info, your post went into moderation because it seems you mis-spelt your e-mail addy, Hitch.

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        Hitchens 60 March 8, 2016 at 7:02 am .

        Thanks badger – for some reason that is beyond me, my iPad has stopped remembering my details so have to put them in every time I post! Better ask my granddaughter for help 🙂

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    Villain1 March 7, 2016 at 9:11 pm .

    Discussions about other managers are pointless and exactly what these tosser players want.
    These players are poor in ability on their best day, let alone when half arsed and deliberately trying to sabotage a manager who has stood up to them.
    What do you expect Remi to do – he wasn’t backed at all in January and he cant play a team full of teenagers because it would crush their confidence and the FA would probably fine us like they did to Blackpool a few years ago when they made 11 deliberate changes.
    He is completely stuck with these prats, its a hopeless situation and a lesser man would have walked on 1st Feb I believe.
    Focus your energy on Lerner, Fox and these disgraceful players. No other realistic manager would make a difference, I don’t care what name you throw at it, they would have no major impact on this squad and under this owner

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      claret and blue March 7, 2016 at 9:18 pm .

      You’re right and wrong all at the same Villan1 but I’ve drank too much red wine to go into the details of why without writing a full A4 page reply

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    billys boots March 7, 2016 at 10:51 pm .

    personally think fox and co were right to have not backed garde, he had shown nothing since his arrival and throwing more players into the melting pot would of been a waste of money, think they possibly wanted him to walk so they wouldn’t have looked so bad and now remi is putting out such a shit team daring them to sack him,for all he has shown us i wouldn’t trust him to get me a packet of fags from the local shop

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    originallondonlion March 7, 2016 at 10:59 pm .

    The only two players I would keep based on what they did on the pitch are Amavi and Traore. However one of my observations, of Villa and any other club that appears on TV, is that players who pick up one long-term injury tend to keep doing so. Maybe the initial injury is a permanent weakness, or perhaps it is their style of play that invites a damaging challenge. So I even have a small doubt about those two.

    One more player I think is suited to the Championship is Gestede. He is a left footed finisher and great header. So assuming we get a proper Championship manager, not one of the brain dead types we have recently had, he will ensure one of the players he gets is a proper right winger able to supply ground and aerial crosses. Gestede would look a lot better playing with one.

    All the other first team players and their coaching staff, plus all the management above them has to go.

    I think Mervyn King is one of the men most capable of finding a buyer for Villa, he has an unrivalled list of contacts. Let’s hope he has been appointed for that reason.

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