Cardiff 3 – 0 Villa; The clamour begins

Oh dear, oh dear, what to say?
I had the game on Radio WM, but the site’s SSL security certificate ran out which meant that you were probably seeing a warning about the site being unsafe. Let me reassure you, it isnt.
Anyway, I updated the certificate, only for the site to crash, which meant I was working on that and didn’t really concentrate on the commentary.

Hence any real assessment is vague at best, but the general tone of the commentary was easy to catch and when you hear “worrying”, “no shape” and “poor” etc, you have to be concerned.

I’ve said previously that our first few fixtures are tough and I hinted that I didn’t think we’d have many points racked up, which would probably lead to fans calling for Bruce’s head.
But from what I’ve seen on various other Villa sites, it seems the clamour has started already.

Now of course, it’s still very early days, but we’re already five points down on the league leaders and you have to wonder how much of a lead we might be able to pull back before it’s too late to challenge.

The most single worrying thing today was the comment that “Cardiff are a very average side, that will finish around tenth at best, yet they still beat us comfortably”.
So where does that leave us?

By the sounds of it, Warnock did his homework and targeted our right side, meaning Hutton had a shocker.
But more worryingly, it seems our defence was utter rubbish today, something I find strange given that we are supposed to have beefed it up. Words like “slow” maybe justify why some of us were concerned by Terry’s signing.
And just maybe my viewpoint about playing our “best” eleven so they get to know each other was also justified?
I don’t know.

As I said, it’s early days. Nothing is certain yet and Cardiff away is never going to be an easy game.
But we have another tough game coming up, away to Reading.
Are we confident that we’ll get anything there?

We need to start gaining points, even if they’re only single one’s because if we don’t, the season will be over before it’s really up and running.

I wonder what Tony Xia is thinking?
No reasonable owner is going to sack a manager this early, but you have to wonder how many poor performances he’ll tolerate.

I’m also intrigued as to how some of our more positive posters are going to react to this result.
I expect some very lively debate!


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    JohnDoyle August 16, 2017 at 3:26 pm .

    My biggest fear is that spud head will get a bullet deliveres by Charlie Chan and then wyness will either recommend another has been for the new manager positions l saw a drawing on a website of one of them kids rides with the little glittery horses going up and down round and round karosels at the fair ground and on them horses were moyes fat sam pardew and all the other has beens riding it and riding it for one more paycheck if i was there inwould want an air rifle and just pick the off one by one and then shovel the shyte into bags for the management graveyard because they were ok at once, but football has left them behind and it worries me spud head will be gone and then charlie chan gets advised by rotund wyness to give moyes a job and next thing he is signing sunderland and everton shyte all the old boys again.

    We need a new young man with fresh ideas not another old fart whose tactics are as texhnical as ‘move it up from the back to the wings, lad on wing nobs it in to striker to back peg and striker nods it in’ and for defending ‘just keep it tight lads’ that may have worked 20 years ago but football like life has moved on and yes its hard even for dinosaurs like me but i no when i joined up to tweeter to write charlie chan a letter and my son said i tried and my son said you cant have any more words than that and i dont undertand why you weite about 10 words and thats the limit so i just wrote ‘your board is your biggest fu ckin problem you halfwit’ but he never write back so i leave it for youngsters these days to comunicate may as well be in morse code whatnsort of sight stops you writing a letter after about 10 words types thank god for forums like these and facebook where my lad can have it up for away the games sometimes for me

    I am sort of glad kogija is injured a very good player but a greedy fu ckin bas tard but he would have got some goals and papered over holes this seasin so far, and it was he who basically papered over spuds holes last season him and jedyunack again another who lost the legs but he does have spirit and passion these 2 single handed saved slud head last seaaon. the rest of the other scissies just want to look good in their farreris and big posh cars and run around with tarts but to me they look like little soft boys with their tight fanny boy jeans and whacky hair cuts and girly friendship bangles but with some good coaching and management some of them would be ok and i would forgive them for looking like fannys if they just put in a shift for our beloved villa

    But in my day you turned up in ireland on the job looking like they dontoday and youd get your fu ckin arse kicked and if you disnt put in a shift youd have the foremans steelcaps planted up the old spincter and youd soon pull your finger out problem these days these footballers are pampered like heaven aint ever seen

    i have ranted enough today i hope i dont uoset people i try not to swear in this letter as much butbforgive me and my bad spelling because there is some nice people on this fourm board who just want villa to compete and play decent football like me, while i read in other forum boards people are delided sacks of absolute shyte and still having a fuc kin big huge love in with that useless spud head

    My dear wife says i should rant more on these dorums because she said ‘john im sick to fu ckin death of hearing yer moan now about that shower of absolute shyte you support’ and told me to go and watch our irish leagues if its so bad, the she said so no more villa talk in our house she said im also banned on goverment talk so that only leaves talk about cornation street and the irish club down the street but thanks for listning to my inane mumblings

    One more thing before i go indo not blame charlie chan at all he seems to come to villa to achieve good things and he has put his chinese yen where his chinese mouth is, but he dint help when he put all the deluded cloud cuckoo stuff about the champions leagues and all the simbols he puts on that tweeter my boy shown me, but he has been mis guiderd by them useless chumps who call themselves fancy names sat in fancy offices and thats where the problems start if you have chumps like that in upper positions then that feeling is fed down to everyone else and that is in football that is in every busieness. Charlie chan put down those fu ckin chopsticks and take out your thimb from your arse crack and fire all those useless bags of utter shyte around you because they have failed you the most so far.

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      villaawayindiv3 August 16, 2017 at 4:08 pm .

      Good on ya John……does ya missus say you will stop talking ya will ya will…lol

  2. Avatar
    bws August 16, 2017 at 4:53 pm .

    Many punts from the back here??
    Yea football’s really moved on (more money, more hype and whole lot more bullshit)

    1. Avatar
      Hitchens 60 August 16, 2017 at 6:14 pm .

      What a side that was – oh for a Dennis Mortimer today

      1. Avatar
        bws August 17, 2017 at 12:57 am .

        Mate I get well pissed off with the wonders of modern football.
        What I’d give for a time machine and go to a match between 74 – 82.

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