Bringing On Back The Good Times

Well this has been the best window for as long as I can remember. Even though our net spend is just a few million we have the best squad we have had for a long time imo and that includes the squad under MON.
It’s such a refreshing change to see young foreign players with potential coming to us instead of the boring stereo-typical English mercenaries we have had in the past.

For once the team no longer will pick itself anymore, players will have to earn the right to play as opposed to taking their position for granted. We now have a team with plenty of options and Sherwood will look on the bench and be able to make quality changes if things are not working out. This is a luxury for us as in the past we have had a half decent 12-14 players at best that are all too similar. Now we have players that can offer a new dimension depending on who the opposition is.

Despite Benteke and Delph going we now have a more dynamic squad that gives us more options instead of just lumping it up to Benteke.
With Gestede we can still do that but we also have the option with flair players like Veretout who will create chances playing through the team as well. For once we should no longer be just one dimensional like we were v Arsenal in the cup final.

My only slight concern is the defence and of course it will take time for the team to gel.

But overall this is as positive as I have been for years and I think the good times are not far away. UTV


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    ORIGINALLONDONLION August 5, 2015 at 9:19 pm .

    So right now Adebayor will be living in Chigwell or similar posh N London area. He can hire a piloted helicopter for £300 per hour say £7500 per week and set some of off against tax. Flight to Bodymoor Heath in about an hour.

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    Benno August 6, 2015 at 12:03 am .

    Great news abour Adebayor…we do not need him at VP.

    Wouldnt mind another defender, but in some ways it would be better if the windown closed so the Adebayor deal cant go through!

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