Brighton – Villa; I’m expecting no points.

This game is massive to my mind.
But is it a game that we should really expect to win?
I’m not convinced it is, as much as Brighton are struggling alongside us.

It would seem that the concensus amongst us Villa fans now, is that we really aren’t very good when it comes to the Premier league
I actually think this is a good thing, in that it will help to lower expectations.
I’ve said I’d take 17th from the off and as things stand, I’d suggest that’s a reasonable expectation.
But it’s 50/50 to my mind.
I firmly think there will be two teams worse than us.
But will there be three?

Squad news says Brighton’s Aaron Mooy, Shane Duffy, Adam Webster and Alireza Jahanbakhsh have overcome minor issues.

As for us, Matt Targett and Bjorn Engels should be availble, but Kodjia, as has been long suspected, can’t get out of the Villa quick enough, so won’t be available, as he looks to get a last payday in Quatar or whatever.
I don’t blame him, to be honest.
Let’s hope the warm weather suits him better.
I know he’s Marmite, but I suspect he’s a confidence player, who needs to be molly-cuddled to get the best from him.
And I just think he doesn’t fit Dean Smith’s style and has had little encouragement.

Oh, no doubt Reina starts.
I’m not convinced he’s going to be any sort of saviour, but hopefully he might save us a couple of points, with his reading of the game.

Ha, I don’t know what to think about this game.
It’s Brighton, after all and my history says we should just beat them because they’re a “little” club and we’re not.

But it doesn’t work like that, does it?

We won’t play five at the back, that’s for sure, because Brighton play an expansive game, but they don’t have the quality of Man City.
I’d expect us to go toe to toe in trying to get the win.

Which makes it anyone’s game.
But then, we don’t even have a striker and as much as you might say we don’t necessarily need one, it’s just a pathetic position to be in.

I honestly just can’t call this one.

I favour 1-1, but suspect it’s more likely to be 2-1.

If we continue to keep giving the ball away, which I think we will, because the team overall just can’t do the basics in the Prem, I just don’t see the win.

And while a loss wouldn’t be the end of the world, it would be just another dagger that we’d have to fight against.

Brighton 2- 1 Villa.

Prove me wrong, lads.


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    Hitchens 60 January 19, 2020 at 5:56 pm .

    Come on guys have a bit of faith. It’s not as if we’re out of touch with the teams immediately above us. Still all to play for.

    According to reports we’re still in for Giroud. If he’s prepared to look us I think it would be a very good signing.

    I’m backing us to beat Watford.


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      Hitchens 60 January 19, 2020 at 5:57 pm .

      * come to us!

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    nath January 19, 2020 at 6:49 pm .

    well just watched the pool v man utd game. putting the better skilled players aside they both have, also their formations to side too. comparing the match tonight with our matches is like night and day lol . the speed of the game we play is sadly so much slower, we need to pick up the tempo

    we are only a point behind watford so taking one match at a time. we have to focus on beating watford and moving two points clear of them and putting them into the relegation zone. losing to them would be disastrous,

    watford ,burnley soton seem to me to have too much about them to get dragged into the relegation so its between Norwich Bournemouth villa and hammers possibly Newcastle/Brighton. we have got to start winning games against the rivals starting with watford

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