Bolton – Villa; another shoe-in, I reckon

The good news is that this game is actually on, after it seemed very much in doubt with Stewards etc threatening to go on strike after not being paid for weeks.
Bolton were bought out last night and although I have serious doubts about their buyer, Laurence Bassini, who has been previously been banned from the game, it’s good news for the club in the short term at least.
I’ve seen a few comments from other Villa sites that we shouldn’t take the proverbial about the club’s threat of bankruptcy and rightly so.
How close were we, less than a year ago?

So while there is the threat of a “good feeling” type bounce from Bolton, it should be remembered that if we beat them tomorrow, they’ll be relegated.
The simple facts are that Bolton have scored 29 goals all season, which is the lowest in the whole championship.
They’ve also conceded 72, which is the equal lowest in the league.
You should, by now see where I’m going.

Squad news and on our part, Jack Grealish will be back.
Dean Smith quite rightly says no player is guaranteed a place, but you can bet your boots he’ll be straight back in.
Tammy Abraham is ok, after what seemed a worrying knock.
Hause will miss the weekend with a hip problem, but Tuanzebe is fine.
Chester and Elphick are progressing, but the weekend is too early for them and we have Mings back anyway.

As for Bolton, They’re likely to be missing Jack Hobbs and Luke Murphy.
Not that I care much, to be honest.

So while some of you have been understandably too scared to predict the score in case you jinx things for us, I’ve been extremely confident for quite a while now and will continue to be for this game.
I know. I’m leaving myself open for a fall.
But I just can’t see past a two goal victory as a minimum.
We have goals written all over us and we’d have to have a serious off-day to not pick the points up here.

It may be a bit bold, but I’m going for 3-0 to the Villa.
I think that’s the highest I’ve predicted in a very long time, so you can guarantee I’m probably wrong.
We’ll win anyway; I’m confident of that.

Oh, given that I think a 3pm kick-off on a Friday, is totally stupid, even if it’s Good Friday, a few facts;

Bolton are winless in their past eight league matches played on Good Friday (W0 D3 L5) since a 1-0 win at Leyton Orient in April 1963.

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith has never lost a league game on Good Friday.

This is Aston Villa’s first league match on Good Friday since April 1999, when they drew 0-0 at home to West Ham United.


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  1. Avatar
    Hitchens60 April 18, 2019 at 9:36 pm .

    The games clubs are expected to win ………

    I can’t really argue with your logic Badger but stranger things have happened. Not going to predict the outcome but will be hoping for the best.

    Did I read that it’s over 100 years since Villa won nine on the bounce? Well records are there to be broken!

  2. Avatar
    Pat 57 April 19, 2019 at 1:56 am .

    I’m glad that I’m out of the prediction game. This is the most unpredictable league and, with new owners on the horizon, Bolton’s morale may miraculously improve.

    Just hope that you’re right Badger and we win easily but I think that we’ve got four cup finals before we can be sure of anything.

  3. Avatar
    Saddenned April 19, 2019 at 8:43 am .

    I feel this game could be a banana skin for us, the way Bolton have played this season we should walk it, but they have a new owner and lose and they are relegated… I think they will come out fighting, God I hope I’m wrong ….!!

  4. Avatar
    Holte66 April 19, 2019 at 9:53 am .

    Before anyone gets too cocky about today’s game we need to remember what happened last season when we were pushing for second place. New owners will give them a boost and they know defeat will see them relegated. I will refrain from predicting again for same reasons as Pat.

  5. Avatar
    nath April 19, 2019 at 12:24 pm .

    yall a bunch of superstitious worriers. i hate to tell you but bolton are in a right mess. players havent been paid and word from mates who support um and the brother in law, their players have downed tools long time ago. such a sad state as i have a soft spot for bolton. i was there when der hammer scored the screamer. even if bolton tried to make a game of it. their manager is apparently to cautious they lack creativity. i can not see them beating villa or even scoring against us. i hope villa fans show the bolton fans some compassion. their demise could well off been us if we had not beeen sold.

    if villa want to beat them they will and their will be plenty goals for us too, if we want them. thou i like them, i care more for villa and we have to be ruthless. once your club are winning like we are, its very important to keep building. momentum is massive. 4 nil villa could well be 6

  6. Avatar
    Pat 57 April 19, 2019 at 2:03 pm .

    Well Bristol 1 -1 Reading. Bristol drop two points at home.

    I wouldn’t have bet on that result. Great for us though.


    1. Avatar
      Hitchens60 April 19, 2019 at 2:34 pm .

      Reading fighting for their lives which makes a nonsense of the (so-called) pundits predictions who reckoned Reading would sink without a fight! Glad we don’t have to play them (I haven’t forgotten Milwall though!)

  7. Avatar
    Pat 57 April 19, 2019 at 2:07 pm .

    Looking at the table Bristol’s game in hand means less now as they are 3 points behind us but our GD is vastly better. Three points today and we’ll be six clear with only four games left for Bristol to play.

    Nath accused me of being a superstitious worrier….and it’s true. I think that this could be a crucial match, if we get the points.

  8. Avatar
    nath April 19, 2019 at 2:29 pm .

    i didn’t accuse you personally, it was meant as sweeping statement.

    villa players look to be very focussed on the bigger picture. they won’t take any game lightly. they are all hungry and they want to perform for themselves and each other. manager and his staff must take all the credit for building such a good feelings that and winning games makes all the difference

    1. Avatar
      Pat 57 April 19, 2019 at 2:40 pm .

      Nath, sorry I was joking a bit when I said that. But don’t apologise, you were spot on as I was worried, especially seeing how Bristol failed today, and I am a bit superstitious and that’s why I’ve given up predicting games.

      I just hope that your predictions for the game are right…fingers crossed 🙂

  9. Avatar
    Bill Pearson April 19, 2019 at 2:49 pm .

    I’m not giving a prediction score ever, not even walking under ladders, so be it.

    1. Avatar
      nath April 19, 2019 at 2:52 pm .

      have you not run over any black cats bill

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