Bit of a news update.

After the seemingly rubbish stories about Benteke being a target for Liverpool, things have dried up a bit, to be honest.

Still there are some things worth talking about and the first is Ron Vlaar, where the Daily Mirror suggest that he’s going to start in the FA cup final even if we can’t nail him down to a contract.

I’m not convinced the quote by Sherwood even says that and it looks like it’s been taken out of context to me.
It doesn’t make sense either, as Sherwood definitely doesn’t seem to be the type of manager who would even tell a player he’s a guaranteed starter so early on.
Vlaar will probably be injured anyway.
Or then again, he probably won’t, given that it’s the final.
Am I being cynical there? Perhaps, but even though I don’t think he’s a bad defender, it really wouldn’t bother me too much if he doesn’t sign. He’s just too injury prone, given his time with us and can’t be relied on.

Jack Grealish has been in the news a lot lately and rightly so, because he’s really starting to look the player many of us thought he might become.
I’m surprised there hasn’t been some BS story that one of the big clubs are after him yet.

Anyway, the latest is that Delph and Grealish are training buddies, who stop behind and put in extra practice.
I know it’s a nothing story really, but it’s nice to know who the ones are putting in the extra effort.
I mean, it’s a hard life isn’t it, when you have to roll in for 9am, do a couple of hours training, have some dinner and then knock off at 2pm, just in time to get in for a few hours on the X-Box or a bit of gambling on the nags.
Now I am being cynical, I suppose, but well, you know what I mean.

Still on the subject of Grealish, Paul Scholes is quoted as saying that the lad is a million miles away from being a good player yet.
It’s actually a fair point and one Grealish might do well to read, as we don’t want him getting carried away with himself do we?

Next up, is Tom Ross having his weekly comment in the Mail talking about the paltry allocation of tickets for the cup final. Love him or hate him, he does of course have a point in saying that there will be 40,000 people at the game that won’t give a toss about the result.
Where I think he’s wrong though, is that many of the other tickets go to the grass-roots of the game.
He is though 100% correct when it comes to the corporate seats, in my opinion.

And to rub it in even more, it looks as though the cup is about to be officially renamed the Emirates FA cup (or similar) according to an article I read in the online Daily Mirror. The difference here is that it’s currently known as the FA cup (in association with Budweiser).
It seems to me the FA will do anything for money to pay off the enormous debt that was caused by them building a stadium where the majority of fans didn’t even want it in the first place.
And isn’t there some kind of conflict here, when they already sponsor Arsenal?

It just goes to show what those at the top think of the people who pay their wages, in my opinion.
Hopefully there will be howls of protest. But I doubt it’ll make much difference.


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