Benteke Going?

Well we all knew this was coming I did anyway. Despite all the denials there was a buyout clause for Benteke it appears that there is one for £32.5m

At the moment Liverpool look favourites to sign him and despite Benteke not saying he wants to go it’s likely him and his agent will start throwing their toys out the pram after the cup final win or lose. 

Despite Liverpool being ‘yesterday’s’ team they are still a huge upgrade on us who are nothing more than a bottom 6 team at best. 

The only glimmer for me is that he may stay one more season because of the Euros next season and he may hold out for a better team from London possibly Chelsea or Arsenal. 

I say if he wants to go let’s get it done ASAP and not let it drag on all summer. Let’s also hope Sherwood gets the full £32.5m from the sale to spend plus another £10m. This should give us a chance to at least build for mid table still pathetic for a club like ours but that’s the best we can ever hope for unless we get a sugar daddy in the summer. UTV 


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    Jay Dee May 30, 2015 at 1:39 pm .

    Benteke has done nothing wrong.He hasn’t said he wants to go and I don’t think if he does he will go to Liverpool.Players move on to better playing situations& ATM we arnt Champions League.If he goes we should wish him well but I’ve got a feeling he’s going to stay.utv

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