Az Alkmaar 1- 4 Villa; Spanked. Who are ya?

What was I worried about?
Is it unfair of me to say that AZ played like a bunch of total amateurs?
Truthfully, I don’t think it is and my over-riding thought was that they need to learn how to play the offside rule. How can a professional team get that so wrong, so many times?
Anyway, that’s their problem and I quite frankly loved watching this game.

Make no mistake about this.
We made AZ look like a bunch of total amateurs. I’d say Stevenage, but we all know how that went.
Seriously though, we basically abused the opposition here.
How on earth was it so easy? is what I keep asking myself.
I don’t believe for one second that we’re the best team on earth, hence totally invincible, but wow, AK offered no resistance and we embarrassed them, in my opinion.
I’d say if we keep putting a proper team out, instead of messing about with the second string, we have a decent chance of a bit of silverware here.
Will Unai and more impotrantly, the owners see it like that though?
I do hope so.

Right or Wrong? What do YOU think?