imageHi everyone big UTV!
The season is now 8 premier league games in and we find ourselves on 10 points.We have had 3W,4L and 1D.This is a better start to the season than last season.This time last season we had only amassed 5 points and I’m sure our goal difference is better.
We have had a tough start to the season up against the title contenders and European elite.Now the games we have lost we have lost by poor ball retention,being exposed at the back with fullbacks supplying the width and our forwards not taking chances.I would also have to put in lackluster performances by certain players you know who you are!
I also strongly feel we desperately need that creative playmaker to knit everything together and to pop the ball around across the area.
We need that creative spark to quickly pass that ball when we are on the attack in the final 3rd.Maybe the January window will bring a player of that ilk in.
Our midfield is improving Fabian Delph shows signs of promise along with KEA also improving.Delph is starting to show his skills as was shown yesterday with him ghosting past and taking on players to try and keep the ball.
Bacuna is showing signs of real class and I think he will be another class signing another diamond in the rough.Bacuna is also showing his adaptability and I think the defensive position he has taken on suits him well.As for Westy bit out of sorts of late but is showing that strong tackle which for me still has a place in the modern game a back off warning take one for the team.
Im hoping Sylla gets another look in as I think his strength in a midfield 3 is vital.A holding 2 of Sylla and Delph would also suit me in a 4-2-3-1 formation.
The defence has started to improve to IMPO.It was only a fluke goal by Townsend and a well created 2nd that divided the sides.The defence held its own up against serious Champions League contenders who have spent a hell of a lot more money than we have on players.I think we missed Clark yesterday as Baker didn’t look to good.
Our front 3 needs to get on it and start scoring consistently and with a timely return of Benteke we should start scoring goals again.Bentekes return seemed to bring AVFC to life and also the movement looked more fluent.
Now the rollercoaster ride that many of us knew we would be on again as the youngsters get to grip with their second season is evident.A return of a mid table position from Lambert will be an improvement on last season and progression will be evident.
It is hard to watch the highty hights of beating Arsenal and Man city of the elite then losing in the fashions we have done to others.But this is the rollercoaster I speak of and until a regular consistency develops we will just have to get used to it……UTV…Villa Family….


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    Terry Jones October 21, 2013 at 3:49 pm .

    Jay Dee simple LUCK not by design though and yet again this is another season of lack of real leadership or direction and i will say this if Lambert cannot show he as it in him to change direction and to bring in a player of Barry,s calibre whom is a player whom leads from the front.Then am afraid that there is only one alternative either Lambert goes or we can all look forward to supporting a team that year in year out only just manages to hang on to our EPL status with never ever seeing the club move forward.

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    Bill Pearson October 21, 2013 at 3:50 pm .

    Your all ducking the issue, we have problems now not tomorrow now, OK we wait and see whose right , have to go off to Leicester F C grandson playing .

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    Terry Jones October 21, 2013 at 4:07 pm .

    B W S Bill some people are so short sighted the problems are still there from last season and yet although we as fans can see it Lambert seems to have tunnel vision it;s his way or nothing and will it be at the cost of the club we all support and love with passion.

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    Terry Jones October 21, 2013 at 4:10 pm .

    Bill just thought when you going to get your grandson signed up to Villa we could do with a good captain Oh and good luck to him mate.

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      OohAhPaulMcGrath October 21, 2013 at 7:28 pm .

      Reckon you could do a better job than some of the shit we have terry

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    Luke444 October 21, 2013 at 4:55 pm .

    I actually thought Lambert only bought lower league and cheaper young players last season cause we couldn’t afford more or just to get us over the line so we could move on this year after we survived but to see him sign another load of cheap younger players again this summer obviously means he’s always going to go down this route and I’m just not sure they can take us to the next level

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      Foxy October 21, 2013 at 5:11 pm .

      I get the feeling Luke that Lambert had to replace what was essentially the whole squad. If Lerner wasn’t willing to keep funding expensive players on high wages then Lambert had to go the other way and try to build a team with hungry players from abroad, the lower leagues and the academy. Let’s face it, after MON quitting and the Houllier and McLeish years top players weren’t going to be knocking down the door to join Aston Villa to play for 15th or 16th place while taking big pay cuts. Lambert had to build a team, which meant covering all bases, and as we saw in December when Vlaar and Dunne out and we relied on Clark and Baker, with equally fresh faced Lowton and Bennett, we were completely stuffed for having such a thin squad. TBH we’re almost back to square one again with Okore out for the year (see Dunne last year) but at least Clark and Baker have come good, although that might be because they’re playing alongside Vlaar. By buying in cheap younger players we now have cover in all positions (how effective is already being debated) and it looks like we’ve done well with Luna, Bacuna and Okore. If, next season we get a load more cheap and younger players with the hope that one or two might come good then I think there’ll be a large number of people making their feelings known. As it stands we have a good solid mid-table squad improving slowly, and hopefully in the next two windows the squad will be improved in key areas with some proper decent players. With the salaries of Bent, Ireland, N’Zogbia and hopefully Given gone hopefully there’ll be more money in the war chest. I think what happens next summer with Benteke and incoming players is going to show us Lerner’s intentions.

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      OohAhPaulMcGrath October 21, 2013 at 7:33 pm .

      It’s absolute bollocks that we can’t can’t afford a £10m player it’s just that Lerner won’t not can’t.

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    Colonius81 October 21, 2013 at 5:17 pm .


    i remember the lambert vs rogers post you made, but i don’t remember how it clearly showed that rogers was streets ahead of lambert.
    in fact i remember at the time that they achieved the exact same amount of improvement in terms of table position in an identical time period giving both of their starting points.

    but i don’t think table position or even year on year points accumulation count for much here sometimes.

    If this isn’t the usual overreaction to a loss at home all be it the 3rd at home this season and this latest result does in fact prove that Lambert should be sacked can you lay out what should happen next and why that would be better than keeping Lambert as is ?
    I know Lambert is the messiah but i havn’t seen any concrete arguments to persuade me that firing him is the best course of action for aston villa short and long term.

    I just want to see that side argued a little more in detail, Ie not just a general Lambert is useless are are relegated but actual step step sort of thing ..
    I want a little more food for thought.

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      OohAhPaulMcGrath October 21, 2013 at 7:35 pm .

      Liverpool have better players pure and simple so Rogers will always come out in top

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    Langfordvilla October 21, 2013 at 6:02 pm .

    I thought rollercoasters went UP as well as DOWN…which way have we been going for the last 4 years?
    Fuck off Randy
    The Villa is OURS the Villa is OURS fuck off Lerner, the villa is OURS
    We will NOT be relegated, but that is NOWHERE NEAR good enough for our great club!

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      OohAhPaulMcGrath October 21, 2013 at 7:39 pm .

      Is this the real Langford what’s happened to you. At last you understand what knowledgeable greats if the game like me and terry jones have been saying all along. Keep it up Langford

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    Terry Jones October 21, 2013 at 6:39 pm .

    Langford mate welcome to the Oohah appreciation sociaty .

    1. Avatar
      OohAhPaulMcGrath October 21, 2013 at 7:41 pm .

      I now name Langford SIR Langford king of all before thee. Kneel to Sir Langfird

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    Colonius81 October 21, 2013 at 6:59 pm .

    i hear you langford. its not pretty being a Villa fan. but i don’t understand how you expect us to improve by firing Lambert.

    I can understand your frustration with Lerner in so far as he is not spending or insisting that Lambert spends the same money as the top 6 or even the next 6 teams

    I want to see improvement too. but i don’t think firing Lambert is the way.
    First of all even though this is far from where i would like to see villa be right now. We are doing better than last season. ie .. its improvement.
    Second of all its 8 games in to this season .. or a year plus 8 games into lamberts reign. Tad early yet for the OUT! campaigns.
    thirdly .. its 8 game and a year into Lambert’s reign …
    If firing a manager is a such a solution you would think we would have got it right by now after 9 of them since the premiership began.

    the only way that works is if you can afford to spend 100m every summer .. you may think randy can but he probable cant..
    he might be able to spend 50m though like he did before with o neil

    The idea of us competing with the top guys would be amazing! .. but we would have to match or outspend them to compete.
    so good luck with that .. spurs spent 110m Man City maybe 80 -90 ? Chelsea roughly the same for this summer.
    Assuming we want to get that level we would have to spend the same as they did over a number of years. so times say what is fair 3 or 4 summers ? is that enough? .. we are probably talking half billion now.
    See where i am going with this? its utter sheikh money .. just billions .. that’s what would we need.
    So we want to do a man city or a Chelsea.

    if not then we could just spend what Lerner can afford .. he is a billionaire. he can probably afford at least the same as before under O Neill. so lets say what 50m a season.

    Congratulations we will be 7th in no time!

    I hope the next manager can achieve that 7th place in the same amount of time despite the enlarged budget that you gave the current manager
    1 season plus 8 games?

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      BWS October 21, 2013 at 7:24 pm .

      Did he ask for Lambert to be fired? I must have missed that. And doing better? Just how? More points on the board but no better on the field.
      Spend £100m? Who’s asked for that? But to be bellow Swansea and Norwich in the spending table is taking the piss for a club of Villa’s size, imo Lerner’s selling us well short.
      And never mind Sheikh money Red Bull are looking for a club, 020 3117 2000 go on Randy do us a favour, give then a bell son.

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        Langfordvilla October 21, 2013 at 8:52 pm .

        I have NEVER said I want Lambert fired….he is just the fall guy.
        Villa, at the moment are like a case of domestic abuse…..Lerner being the abuser, Lambert and the players are no more than mediators, and we, the loyal fans are undoubtedly the victims….. In the end, the abused, sensibly walk away when they can suffer no more…i am nearing that stage. A six hour journey every fortnight, a spend of 100 quid to watch a club with NO visible ambition…i am being abused, Lerner is taking the piss..its time for him to fuck off sharpish!
        We will NOT be relegated, but that is NOWHERE NEAR good enough for our great club!

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          Colonius81 October 21, 2013 at 11:12 pm .

          I apologise, you did not ask for him to be fired.
          I am mixing up my replies, that’s my fault. it makes the section of my comment about firing Lambert irrelevant for you.

          so to the part of my comment that is relevant.
          IE.your opinion that lerner is abusing you or us as fans.
          i am not going to overly defend lerner, he made some mistakes.
          One was the free spending allowed to Mon, It should have been managed better from a boards perspective.
          The second was the hiring of Mcleish .. oh my god .. wrong in every way.

          Considering that you feel that “lerner is taking the piss.. its time to fuck off sharpish!”
          Who do you want to take over as chairman instead?

          I put it to you that if you want to see Villa compete with the big boys then you will need someone to spend 100m every summer on players for the next 3 or 4 seasons
          you will also have to hope that the existing big spenders don’t just automatically spend more than you too. or you will finish as 5th/6th choice for the best players.
          unless they aren’t proven players yet? and can’t command a top 6 clubs attention.
          but we are already doing that and in your opinion its not working.
          Are you saying you want Lerner to leave to make way for someone like this?

          Or do you want him to leave asap to make way for someone who could spend around the same money Lerner initially spent? or even half of the what the likes of what a top club spends. say roughly 50m a year? and target 6th or 7th again. Like the good old days of 2008-11!
          Lets hope whoever it is, they are not a thanksin sinawatra, hicks and gillette, or a venkys

          I would say its pointless. firstly, everton and Newcastle have been for sale for 2 or 3 years now. both have arguably very attractive aspects, evertons league performance and Newcastle’s 50 thousand plus home attendances. why would anyone buy us if we became available and not them in the last 3 years?

          Secondly .. its bad timing. I don’t know if FFP will work but its still too early to say its completely dead in the water yet. ..What if the Monaco’s the PSG’s and the man City’s actually do get prevented from entering the CL?

          We are currently 13th on 10 points after 8 games.
          that’s level with Swansea, level with fulham and higher than Norwich, wham or Cardiff.
          Teams that have spent more money than us or on higher quality players apparently

          Lerner has made mistakes no argument there The last big mistake Lerner has made was McLeish
          the chosen remedy – Lambert, and the new approach to recruitment
          Have we decided that Lerner should now go because his remedy hasn’t worked after one season and 8 games.
          Was the Totenham game the last straw? the final proof?

          I say there is no impetus to seek Lerner to sell up since Mcleish.
          in progress terms we have finished one place higher last season.
          cut the wage bill, signed 12+ players of whom some will make it and some will not.
          but we are currently 13th – 2 places higher again than last year and still only 8 games in!

          I understand your hurt at the bad results, but i still think this is overreaction and we are making progress.

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        Colonius81 October 22, 2013 at 12:09 am .

        BWS No he didn’t, that was my mistake. I apologise for that, i got my posters mixed up.

        Points on the board, yes that is pretty much exactly how i would measure how much better we are doing – wins and loses!

        no better on the field? … first of all that is subjective..its more an opinion game but i will bite.
        I agree we were poor against totenham and newcastle. but excellent against chelsea, and arsenal as well as clinical against city and norwich. ..
        Are you honestly telling me that we performed as well or better under mcLeish on the pitch?
        you enjoyed the style and direction of mcliesh more than under Lambert?

        Spending a 100m – who asked for it?

        If i follow your logic of using the spending table as you mentioned and that points in the table don’t count either. Then is that not exactly what you are asking for?

        I believe Lerner & Lamberts’ current plan may still work. I think the current approach of buying unproven “cheap” players is showing some progress. ie more wins, and more points.

        You do not.

        If you don’t believe we can eventually compete with Totenham by focusing on youth development and “cheaper”players (at least in the short term) then you believe we should compete with the likes of Totenham through spending.
        Totenham spent 110m on players this summer
        If you want to compete with them via spending .. then we have to spend in and around 100 million no?

        Unless you mean to say we should not be directly competing with Totenham.

        but with the clubs you mention. – Swansea and Norwich.

        I might just point out again that yes we may be below them in the spending table (i haven’t checked- i take your word for it)
        yet .. Villa have 10 points
        Swansea have 10 points
        Norwich have 7

        As for red bull ..
        Redbull villa .. red bull Aston villa .. no more claret and blue? no more lion rampant ?
        the red bull arena, or park or stadium.
        they have re-branded every club they have bought to date.
        Leipzig, salzburg, new york all had their Club name, the stadia name and their offical kit colors changed.
        what makes us think they would not do the same? their entire purpose for buying a club is to promote their brand. That means putting their Red bull stamp on everything they can possibly change to increase recognition.

        Further more we would be owned by a company .. not a person .. yes i realise that technically we are a company but do you honestly think that Lerner bought Aston villa to make money!!! lol the last person that i knew of that made money from a club sale was Ken bates .. when he sold Chelsea. Lerner initially paid 62m for villa. plus all the losses year on year since. what right minded investor buys a football club to make money!
        There are literally hundreds of better ways to make money than buying a football club. you have to believe me on that one.

        If we don’t have a problem with the changing of our name, our stadium our kit colors and or other aspects of our identity for the chance of a bigger transfer budget and the chance of champions league football

        – Whats the difference between that and just supporting another club?

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